Yuan Xing provides National Treasure 3 script update

Original franchise star Justin Bartha, who plays sidekick Riley Poole, offers a long-awaited update to the National Treasure 3 script.

Riley Poole actor Justin Bartha's reassuring update to National Treasure 3's script. The first National Treasure film, released in 2004, introduced audiences to Nicolas Cage's Ben Gates, a historian on a mission to uncover a long-lost Templar treasure in front of a group of mercenaries. Steal the Declaration of Independence with his partner, Riley. Director Jon Turteltaub's film didn't do well with critics but was a hit with audiences, and a sequel came out 3 years later. Since then, there have been no feature films in the franchise, but the new Disney+ show, National Treasure: On the Edge of History, is currently in production on its first season, with Riley returning as a supporting character.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently gave a positive update on National Treasure 3, assuring fans that development on the sequel is still going on behind the scenes. Now, in a recent interview with Variety, Barca revealed what he knows about the film and provided an update on the script. While it sounds like National Treasure 3 isn't on the way, the actor says it might just be a matter of time. Check out Bartha's full review below:

“But listen, there is still hope for another movie. Nic is obviously doing great, one of the greatest ever. Jerry [Bruckheimer] just had a big hit with Top Gun: Maverick, and he is doing great. And the constant drum beat from the fans for a third movie just makes it a no-brainer for me. There is a script. That’s all I’ll say. There have been a few different scripts, actually, but the one thing that has to happen is for all the stars to align. I had seen something awhile ago, and it was solid, but the unsung hero of these movies that doesn’t get mentioned as much is Jon Turtletaub. Those movies really are an extension of his being. He is very smart and funny, and has a buoyancy to him that mirrors the tone of the movies. I think he has to feel really comfortable and feel like he can see the movie before it happens — and it is getting closer to that.”

What National Treasure 3 Could Be About

Although The plot of the third film in the franchise is anyone's guess, and National Treasure: Book of Secrets could be the key to setting up the upcoming adventure. In the follow-up to the original National Treasure film, instead of stealing another important historical document, Cage's character must kidnap the President of the United States in order to discover the secrets hidden in a tome. Only the sitting president can visit. After voluntarily relinquishing his place in the book, Bruce Greenwood's president tells Gates to check page 47, especially as it reappears at the end of the movie. It's never revealed what the secret on page 47 is, but it could very well be a clue to another lost treasure or historical artifact.

While "National Treasure 3" may not have anything to do with page 47 of "Book of Secrets", a line from Riley in the new Disney+ show may suggest otherwise. In a recent episode of National Treasure: On the Edge of History, it was revealed that Riley and Ben are working on another mystery as Riley mentions he has 47 reasons to stay Remaining mum on exactly what the project is. Bartha has said that he improvised the line, but, when considering his recent comments on the state of National Treasure 3, the line could be a harbinger of adventures to come.

Of course, it's also possible that "National Treasure 3" won't tie directly into the first two films, but introduce a whole new mystery for Ben, Riley, and Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) to unravel . After all, there are many aspects of American history that the series hasn't touched that could provide an interesting theme for a third film to explore. While Bartha's comment affirms that National Treasure 3 isn't certain yet, it also hints that an official release could be coming sometime this year.

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