Young Sheldon's darkest hint in season 6 wasn't George's death

Young Sheldon may have been wary of the events of Sheldon's darkest life that shaped him, but season 6 also shows that's no longer the case.

The story of The Big Bang Theory has shown that Sheldon's past weighed heavily on him and was supposed to be resolved in its spin-off prequel, Young Sheldon, but the death of his father George wasn't the biggest surprise in season 6. Dark storyline. Sheldon Jr.'s portrayal of George Cooper (Lance Barber) is very different from The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon's father was always described as a supportive family The opposite of the man, Mary or Sheldon often mentions his failures. However, while George's cheating scandal and his untimely death will ultimately have to be resolved by the CBS prequel, another young Sheldon season 6 storyline will be the darkest of the season.

Although often misunderstood, Sheldon Jr.'s protagonists approach things, especially those related to science, with hope. In fact, while Young Sheldon had to watch some rejections in the episode before TBBT informed that the character Sheldon would eventually be a character on the original sitcom, his childlike wonder at science never faded. However, Sheldon's recent attempt to create a science funding database, which got him excited about the prospect of pushing science further, hit a wall in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 8, "Legalese and a Whole Hoo-Ha." This development hints at another dark storyline Separate from George's death, which Young Sheldon may face in season 6.

Sheldon's TBBT Changes Are Set To Be Young Sheldon's Saddest Moments

The conflicting interests of President Hagemeyer, Dr. Linklater, and Sheldon's own parents took away all the fun from the project Sheldon had in mind, successfully ruining it, despite how exciting Sheldon has been since He discovered it the first time he thought of building a science funding database. This suggests that the biggest disaster of Sheldon Jr. season 6 was about Sheldon losing his innocence and trusting others' best intentions, rather than Sheldon Jr.'s George cheating scandal. The fact that other people cared about things that Sheldon considered so inconsequential, like money, made him realize his interests didn't really line up with other people's interests, which may have contributed to his constant disillusionment with other people.

After all, The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon was keen to schedule everything, not only because he loves rules, but also because he tends to distrust people whose interests rarely overlap with his, This makes it easy for any interaction to take place to handle conflict. It might also ruin his science. This young Sheldon's development started would eventually morph into Sheldon's worst attributes in The Big Bang Theory, like his Be rude or refuse to budge when his interests conflict with those of others. It all started with Sheldon losing his innocence, a realization that only makes the storyline the darkest part of Season 6 of Young Sheldon.

Why Young Sheldon Can't Avoid Its Saddest Storylines

Young Sheldon always portrayed himself as an upbeat sitcom about a lovely family, which made the darkest storylines that The Big Bang Theory had established difficult to handle, as they necessarily affected its mood. However, young Sheldon could not forever avoid the darkest events that profoundly changed Sheldon, precisely because they made him the version of The Big Bang Theory. They cannot be skipped no matter how dark they make the story. Hopefully, Young Sheldon's science funding database and Sheldon's loss of innocence storyline will pave the way for a prequel that finally shows how Sheldon became who he was in The Big Bang Theory.

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