WoW: Dragonflight's best mounts and how to get them

WoW players know the importance of good mounts. Here's a list of the best mounts introduced in the Dragonflight expansion and how to get them.

The World of Warcraft: Legion expansion introduces a whopping 42 new mounts, many of which have incredible designs. Some of these were created specifically for Dragonriding abilities and are unique to the new physics-based game mechanics. However, the other mounts are just as impressive and desirable in their own right.

Apparently, due to the focus on the Dragonriding ability in Dragonflight, several mounts were added recently, which are dragon mounts that use new abilities and have a lot of customization options to choose from. These dragons seem to be stealing the show in this expansion, but there are many more mounts with creative flair in the standard mechanics. Whether players enjoy collecting all the mounts in the game, or are just looking for the coolest mounts, these clever mounts won't disappoint.

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Features New Mounts Ranging From Cute To Fearsome

Of the 42 new mounts introduced with Dragonflight, 37 are not unique to the Dragonriding ability, but instead use the original standard form of flight or travel. These mounts can be obtained in a variety of ways: some require fighting difficult raid bosses and hoping to get lucky with rare drops, while others can simply be purchased After rising to prominence with one of the four factions of the Dragonflight on the Dragon Isles. Some of the best even require following a secret questline to achieve.

Dragonflight's Spookily Cute Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier

This ghost-flying Ottuk mount is cute even though it is a ghost. How it carries the player remains a mystery, however, it seems to happily carry the player without letting any characters fall. It's also a fairly easy mount for collectors to get, and it's just a reward for the Horde and Alliance achievement "Thanks for Carrying!", achieved by collecting 500 mounts on any one character. Once unlocked, the Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier can be used with all WoW characters on a player's account.

Reins Of The Liberated Slyvern Is A Dragonflight Special Drop

The freed Slavin may be happy to be freed, but still looks angry. Unfortunately, it has a rare chance of dropping from Breezebiter, a rare elite enemy in Azure Span, making it a rare mount in World of Warcraft. Breezebiter respawns in the world riding this Slyvern mount, and can use it to fly around in circles, almost as if taunting the character. For match sets, players can also consider capturing Black Slyvern Pup battle pet from the Plains of Orn Aran.

Lizi's Reins Requires Five Days Of Special Dragonflight Quests

It is said that Lizi the Thunderspine Walker is looking for all the fruit in Azeroth. This cutie is a reward for completing 5 days of Initiate Radiya quests in Ohn'iri Springs, which don't have to be consecutive. The questline begins with "Taming Thunderspine", but it is not unlocked until the player reaches reputation level 9 with the Maruuk Centaur.

WoW's Loyal Magmammoth Is A Hot Ride, But A Challenge To Get

The Loyal Lava Mammoth was hard to come by and stumped mount collectors for quite a while after Legion's release. Nether Lava Boots and Sturdy Obsidian Spectacles require maximum reputation with Sabelian and Wrathion of the Black Dragonflight to purchase. Trading these two items to Yries Lightfingers will allow the purchase of the Magmammoth Harness. To use the Magmammoth Harness, players must find a rare Tame Magmammoth, steal it, and while riding it have the chance to successfully use the Magmammoth Harness on it, permanently adding it to the player's collection as a Loyal Magmammoth.

Shellack Slithers Through Dragonflight With A Lava Trail

This red magma snail brings new meaning to the term "heated seat", and it requires a character to complete many dungeons. shell is The reward for the dungeon meta achievement "Glory of the Dragon Hero" requires completing specific boss achievements from within the Dragon's dungeon. What's more difficult is that these achievements need to be completed on epic difficulty.

Fans Of World Of Warcraft's Fishing Will Appreciate Otto

Once players have raised their WoW: Dragonflight reputation level on Iskaara Tuskarr, they can begin the quest "The Path to Otto's Heart", which has Otto as the final reward. Otto is a blue otter that can wear sunglasses, is obtained through a lot of fishing, and also provides players with aquatic shadow toys through the quest line. Once Otto is unlocked, as long as players use the Aquatic Shadow Toy to don sunglasses for their character, Otto will also have a matching outfit, making him easily the coolest Ottuk around.

WoW's Dragonscale Expedition Apparently Lost Their Verdant Skitterfly

In order to collect the Verdant Skitterfly, the player must first reach 25 reputation with the Dragonscale Expedition. Then, there is a small chance of finding this mount in one of the items in the Expedition Scout pack that can be hidden around the Dragon Isles. Just don't think too much about why there are mounts in the backpack lost in the wilderness.

Collect the best mounts In World of Warcraft, when players are able to show off rare mounts to others, it's fun and can give a sense of accomplishment. These new items added to WoW: Dragonflight are sometimes hard to come by, but end up being more special because of it. Plus, who wouldn't want a blue otter wearing sunglasses?

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