Winchester Should Reveal A Forgotten Supernatural Character

The Winchesters offer multiple possibilities when exploring the Supernatural universe -- including this forgotten character.

The Winchesters should jump at the chance to bring back a forgotten supernatural character as a prequel series. Many of John's younger characters appeared in Supernatural - Bobby Singer, Martin Kreiser and Missouri Mosley. However, since Supernatural season 1, the most important one has been forgotten; his old friend Mike Guenther (Don Thompson).

In exploring the lives of the first Winchester hunting duo, John and Mary, the Winchesters opened up a world of possibility for the supernatural series. Much of what Dean and Sam know is indirect from their father, and many of the names and cases come from John's past. While the Winchesters could bring back many characters from Supernatural, his friendship with Mike Genther could play a crucial role in the life of young John Winchester.

Mike Guenther Can Be An Important Character In The Winchesters

John Winchester had many friends and allies in his hunting days, with the exception of Mike Guenther - he was not a hunter. The pair owned a machine shop in Lawrence about 20 years before the events of Supernatural, when the Winchesters were a happy, integrated family. Mike Guenther appears only once in the series - Supernatural Season 9, "Home" - a brief scene where Mike Guenther is was eventually forgotten.

The Winchesters' happy times are rarely mentioned, which makes Mike's view of the family all the more unique. John and Mike's friendship must have been very strong, as they started a business together, and Sam and Dean were entrusted with his care for a short time after their home was destroyed. Seeing John and Mike form such a strong bond could be a big factor in his developing character in the Winchesters.

The Winchesters Can Fill A Missing Part Of John's Backstory

Throughout Supernatural, John Winchester is an enigma. Sam and Dean see their father very differently, and everything they learn only raises more questions. Much of John's life before becoming a hunter is a complete mystery - but the Winchesters fill the gaps in his story perfectly. Some of John's backstory -- his time in the military, his relationship with his parents, and his early exploits on the hunt -- has been filled in, making this another chapter the prequels could use to round out John's character.

Although Supernatural revealed little about John Winchester, he was the driving force behind the center its plot. It remains to be seen where the Supernatural and Winchester canons will converge, but the changes made in the prequels don't eliminate the possibility of Mike's arrival. There's still a lot to explore about John Winchester's life that hasn't been covered in the Supernatural canon, so the Winchesters have a lot to explore.

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