Why Under Deck Adventure Fans Are Confused About Kasie Faddah's Accent

Kasie Faddah has been impressive among Under Deck fans so far, but many Under Deck Adventure viewers were confused by Kasie's unique accent.

While Kasie Faddah's experience and history with Oriana Schneps stood out in Under Deck Adventure, it was Kasie's unique accent that fans found themselves most intrigued and confused about. The latest Below Deck spin-off kicks off November 1 with Captain Kerry Titheradge at the helm, taking Bravo viewers from the series' quintessential tropics into the beautiful frigid Norwegian fjords. Like its sister show, its yachts come from all over the world, with Mercury crews hailing from countries like Australia, the US, the UK and the Bahamas.

While some actors in Under Deck Adventure have particularly heavy accents, such as Chef Jess Condy and Below Deck's newly fired sailor Kyle Dickard, American-born Kasie's accent is more difficult to pin down. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Kasie left the US for Costa Rica as a teenager after she left the Mormon Church, as Under Deck Adventure's newest charter guest, Heather Gay from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Ever since the premiere of Under Deck Adventure, viewers have been commenting on how Kasie pronounces certain words, but it wasn't until Oriana claimed that Kasie's voice was on their last charter and Their time on Mercury led fans to really start speculating that Kasie's accent wasn't as natural as it seemed.

Many Below Deck Adventure Fans Think Kasie Faddah's Accent Is Inconsistent

After Bravo fans watched the Dec. 7 episode of Under Deck Adventure, dozens of viewers claimed in u/teanailpolish's Reddit thread that the self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie may have exaggerated or completely faked her accent. Aside from moments of her slightly British accent seeming to come and go, when her mother calls out Kasie's "charades" pronunciation, Under Deck Adventure fans were impressed by Kasie's recent conversation with her mom. "I know a lot of Americans who immigrated to Latin America as teenagers, but none of them sound like Kasie," said one Reddit user. Another Below Deck Adventure watcher asked, "Has Kasie ever said that she Think it's boring to talk like an 'average American' and some of her pronunciation is on purpose?"

Below Deck Adventure Fans Give Possible Explanations For Kasie's Accent

Kasie isn't the first Bravo star whose vocal patterns have been questioned by viewers. Several Under Deck Adventure fans also commented on director Faye Clarke's thick British accent and compared the two women to Dorit Kemsley on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In another thread by Reddit user u/anmlsnks, several people claim To get to know Kasie in real life, the Under Deck Adventure star's unusual voice comes from her extensive travels and her interesting family background. “I know [Kasie] personally. Her father is from Finland,” claimed one Reddit user, while another suggested, “I went to middle school and high school with Kasie. She was raised without an accent, so if the accent is Really, it’s something she’s developed since she left Sammamish,” a city about 30 minutes outside of Seattle.

While Kasie's accent likely remains a mystery to Under Deck Adventure fans, her time on the Mercury yacht stands out for many other reasons. Before Kyle's recent arrest in Texas, the ex-sailor's first strike came when he flirted with Casey in front of their first charter guests. In addition to using her flexibility to entertain Heather and her guests, Cassie and Faye also have to deal with Orianna's attempts to be a bum. Audiences will no doubt stay tuned to how Kasie's voice may change in the remainder of Under Deck Adventure, with more drama and entertainment to come as events continue to unfold.

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Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays at 9pm. EDT Bravo.

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