Why Nic Cage's Dracula is barely in the Renfield trailer

Universal's first trailer for Renfield shows the title follower tackling his master's toxicity, but there's barely a glimpse of Nic Cage's Dracula.

Universal Pictures has released the first official trailer for Renfield, though Nicolas Cage's Dracula is barely featured in the spooky trailer. Director Chris McKay's upcoming vampire adaptation tells the modern-day story of Renfield (Nicholas Hoult), henchman and loyal servant of the ruthless vampire Count Dracula (Cage), as he tries to escape his relationship with his narcissistic boss. "Toxic Relationships". Set to hit theaters in April 2023, the horror-comedy marks Nick Cage's first collaboration with Holt since 2005's The Weatherman and his 2022 ultracomedy The Unbearable. Biggest movie since Weight of Giants.

Renfield's quick trailer highlights the misadventures of Hoult's protagonist as he tries to escape his boss and his bloody quest to find new prey for him. In addition to footage of Renfield attending a support group for a toxic relationship, the trailer also sees the follower smitten with traffic cop Rebecca (Awkwafina). Saving the most anticipated performance for last, Renfield's trailer ends with Nicolas Cage's vampire-advent support group, movie star vampire grinning sharp teeth as Renfield fears his acquaintance will be his boss' next meal . Considering that Cage's portrayal of Dracula is the main excitement of the upcoming film, hardly Including him in the trailer was a strategic choice for Universal.

Why Nic Cage Is Barely In Renfield's Trailer

Frankly, Nick Cage barely appears in Renfield's trailer because it's not his character's story. As the frequent reference to Dracula being a narcissist suggests, Renfield is an opportunity for the voices of silence to finally be heard. Most audiences already know the tales of Dracula and vampires, but the 2023 Universal monster movie seeks to expose what it's like to be reluctantly at the beck and call of such an iconic figure, one who brazenly flaunts his notoriety and greatness. man, there.

Stories surrounding Dracula are usually told from the point of view of the vampire hunter, who sees him only as a vampire demon or a vampire himself, but Renfield's vision of the character has yet to be brought to the big screen. Gula's perception is also more nuanced and complex, as he sees Dracula as his master, father figure, and source of strength, while also acknowledging his sadistic narcissism. This side of Dracula would be more convincing if he wasn't at the center of the story, so Renfield's trailer made the right decision by emphasizing that The upcoming Dracula movie isn't actually about Dracula, but his assistant trying to escape Dracula's fangs.

Why Nic Cage's One Dracula Appearance In Renfield's Trailer Is So Good

Besides emphasizing whose story it is, Renfield's choice to mostly omit Dracula is a clever way to make his presence more exciting. If there was too much Dracula in the trailer, it would give away too much of what Cage brought to this iteration of the character, and understanding the villain through Renfield's lens is perfect. Less is more when it comes to teasing Cage's long-awaited vampire role, and Renfield perfectly balances seeing him on screen with worrying about how other characters will portray him.

Although most of Nic Cage's appearances in Renfield's trailer consist of shots of his monstrous fangs and hissing at potential victims, the introduction to the character effectively teases his modern image. Subtle shots of Nicolas Cage as Dracula also left audiences eager to see more of him, and the trailer managed to find a plot that didn't give away too much. Renfield's trailer reveals that Dracula is a narcissist who likes to drink the blood of nuns and cheerleaders, and will Stopping his henchmen from leaving his order at all costs, audiences will have to wait until the next trailer or film premiere to actually see Nick Cage's bloodthirsty vampire in action.

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