Why Kardashian Fans Think Kim and Khloé Hate Kourtney's Style

Kardashian fans are now convinced Kim and Khloe Kardashian are mocking Kourtney Kardashian's fashion sense. is this real?

Kardashian star Khloé Kardashian's response to Kourtney Kardashian's wedding dress leads fans to believe Khloé and Kim are making fun of Kourt Kourtney style. Each Kar-Jenner is known for having her own personal fashion sense. Over time, Kim's look has matured to become one of today's style icons. Khloé made a fortune selling clothing through her Good American label. Courtney's style has also changed over the decades, with fans suggesting she became a little more edgy after she started dating Travis Barker.

Kourtney's fans commented on her new style, which included heavily black clothing, platform boots, and short hair. At her three weddings, Courtney wore three different styles, two of which were unconventional versions of traditional wedding dresses. The first wedding took place after the Grammys, and Kourtney wore an all-black jumpsuit with a cutout midriff. Kourtney and Travis tied the knot for the first time after the Grammys in a Las Vegas-style wedding. A month later, she was in a mini dress and short veil when she signed her marriage license in Santa Barbara. A few weeks later, Kourtney wore a white gown at her lavish wedding in Portofino, Italy Dolce & Gabbana mini dress with exaggerated long veil.

Khloé Mocks Kourtney's Wedding Dress

When Khloé was asked to share her thoughts on Kourtney's wedding dress during a Vanity Fair polygraph test, she simply said her sister's wedding dress was "nice". When the results came back, "the jury's still out," Courtney said with a laugh, "Oh my god, the jury's out." Khloé at least said she "did" have a "good time" at Kourtney's wedding. "I mean it's beautiful," Khloé said as a follow-up. However, she was honest and said that she would much rather see Kourtney wearing her dress "at the gala" than at her actual wedding. Khloé also admitted that she thinks Kourtney "changed" her style after she started dating Travis.

Khloé Says Kourtney Is Just "In A Phase"

When Kourtney asked Kourtney if she liked her current style better than before, Khloé said, "No, neither bad nor good." When Kourtney said that Khloé's answer was "not really an answer", Khloé explained Says she "loves" Kourtney's style past and present. However, she added that she believes Kourtney is "at a stage" with her current style. Reddit user u/Maebai6363637 retweeted TikTok, sharing a clip of Khloé talking about Kourtney's "new style since dating Travis." Fans can't help but pick Subtle shade of Khloé. "I feel like if khloe said that to Kourtney, you can imagine what Kim said to her about her style," wrote one fan. They continued, "I just know kim and Khloe were cooking when they saw Kourtney's dress," others added.

Kim and Khloé have been accused of teaming up against Kourtney in the past. Kardashian fans criticized the family for seeming to put Kourtney through a lot of tense moments, thanks to her sisters. Kim and Kourtney even got into a physical altercation, with Khloé responding by scolding Kourtney for fighting back after Kim delivered the first hit. Now, Khloé and Kourtney's lie detector test has fans even more convinced that Kim and Khloé are quietly belittling Kourtney. It's clear that Kourtney is aware of the comments surrounding her fashion sense and just doesn't care, unless the criticism comes from one of her sisters.

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