Why Conan the Barbarian Proved So Many People Wrong About Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of Hollywood's greatest action stars, and many of his greatest strengths are on display in Conan the Barbarian.

Although 1982's "Conan the Barbarian" isn't Arnold Schwarzenegger's best-known movie, it actually launched his career by proving everyone wrong. The film and its sequel, Conan the Destroyer, weren't particularly well-received by critics, but they were a success at the box office, putting Arnold on James Cameron's radar and leading him to a career he's kept to this day. successful career. However, when Arnold Schwarzenegger first came out, many thought he wouldn't be a leading man in Hollywood - but Conan the Barbarian proved them wrong.

Before he was beloved as the titular robot and sole survivor of the Predator in Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger's early film roles consisted mostly of low-budget comedies such as Hercules and Villains in New York. However, Arnold's unique performance and incredible physique eventually landed him the lead role in Conan the Barbarian as a warrior hunting down the evil that killed his family. The Conan films were the first series to give Schwarzenegger's career a flourishing start, eventually making him one of Hollywood's biggest action stars.

Why Conan The Barbarian Was Arnold Schwarzenegger's Best Movie Start

In a recent interview with GQ, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke about his pre-Conan career, Says "managers, agents and studio execs told me many times that this will never happen, that someone with an accent like me will never be a real leading man and big star in America, Americans love to hear Like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, but not like me...and my body is too big, I'm too big." Many in Hollywood warned Arnold Schwarzenegger, An actor like him doesn't get made because of his size and race. However, Arnold was able to turn these criticisms around and use them to Conan the Barbarian's advantage, Schwarzenegger continued: "So suddenly Conan the Barbarian, my accent is popular here because the way I speak is different from other people's Different...and physically looking like an action hero...all of that becomes an asset instead of a liability."

The role of Conan the Barbarian was the perfect start to Arnold Schwarzenegger's film career, Because he found a role that allowed him to highlight what was unique about him, rather than trying to hide it. Arnold's distinctive features are displayed as his strengths, something only he has, while Conan Savage proved he had a place in Hollywood. These attributes have truly become Arnold's asset as they have become iconic, with Schwarzenegger now almost considered synonymous with the action genre, in stark contrast to what early critics thought.

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger's Critics Are Now Ironic

Ironically, Arnold Schwarzenegger was once criticized for being part of Hollywood's ideal stardom. Some of Hollywood's biggest names, like Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista, have physiques similar to those of iconic actor Arnold Schwarzenegger - showing how he defines the action genre. The film starring Schwarzenegger has become a template for other Hollywood action films, such as "Terminator" and "Predator." Many of today's stars even try to copy Schwarzenegger's big shot.

Despite being surrounded by disbelieving early on, Arnold Schwarzenegger has become one of Hollywood's most iconic action stars. Schwarzenegger's rise to fame is indeed a success story, showing that actors don't have to fit a pre-defined mold in order to become a cornerstone of Hollywood. The things Arnold Schwarzenegger was once criticized for actually turned out to be his greatest strengths, and it It all started with Conan the Barbarian.

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