Why Bravo Should Fire Jen Shah After RHOSLC Season 2

Jen Shah's future on Bravo is officially over after a guilty plea, but Jen's housewife status should end after filming RHOSLC season 2.

Jen Shah's future with The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is finally starting to come to an end, but after RHOSLC Season 3, Jen should have been fired after RHOSLC Season 2, not actually cut. It didn't take long for Jen to become a breakout housewife when RHOSLC's first season premiered in 2020, especially when she joined co-stars Mary Cosby, Heather Guy, Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose quickly displayed her aggressive demeanor and defensive attitude. When Jen isn't feuding with anyone, she does charm some Bravo fans with her funny moments and glimpses of her lavish lifestyle.

While Jen was already a polarizing housewife, it wasn't until RHOSLC Season 2 that viewers began to see cracks in Jen's demeanor, which eventually led to her notoriety for a brief attempt to step outside the law in front of the camera. Andy Cohen didn't finally hint at Jen's housewife status in RHOSLC season 4 until late 2022, despite Heather and Jen's husband Sharrieff's public support. Jen has little chance of reprising her role in RHOSLC season 4, but if Bravo want to make the right decision, they should fire Jen before deciding to shoot RHOSLC Season 3, not after.

Jen Shah Has Been A Bully Since RHOSLC Season 1

While Jen complained about being targeted by cyberattacks during RHOSLC season 3, it's ironic that Jen has been bullying her co-stars since RHOSLC began. The hot-tempered, fiery-tongued Jen reminded fans of Erika Jayne, who was quick to lash out at other ladies when things didn't go her way, leading to multiple explosive confrontations between Mary, Whitney, May Radith, Lisa and Heather. While Jen's personal life was captured on camera, Jen has also been shown to be a habitual liar and manipulator over the years, with only one instance being Jen's blatant denial of insulting Meredith's son Brooks in RHOSLC Season 2.

Jen Shah Hasn't Changed Since Her RHOSLC Season 2 Arrest

Although Jen has proven to be a toxic housewife, none of her misbehavior rivals her dramatic arrest for federal wire fraud, which was partially captured during the filming of RHOSLC Season 2. Despite her serious charges and subsequent legal case, Jen was sentenced on Jan. 6, and she quickly returned to RHOSLC Season 2 to discuss the matter publicly. To make matters worse, Jen's behavior has barely improved, if anything, as she continues to fight anyone who questions her arrest Or not being on her side like Lisa. While Jen is legally innocent until her guilty plea in July 2022, Bravo should do the right thing and cut Jen's contract after RHOSLC season 2 is over, like they did with short-lived housewife Jennie Nguyen .

Jen Shah Isn't Helping Her Case On RHOSLC Season 3

Although Jen should have been sentenced to 14 years in prison, Bravo's refusal to fire Jen after RHOSLC Season 2 may come back to her. Jen's aggressive behavior only lasted until Season 3 of RHOSLC. Despite Jen's request for a reduced sentence, her on-and-off confrontation since RHOSLC season 3 not only directly contradicts her plea, but is open to anyone, including the judge. Aside from Jen throwing a tantrum for not being invited to BravoCon 2022 and the RHOSLC Season 3 reunion, Jen didn't do much better in front of the camera, like when she spilled wine on Angie Katsanevas. While the pay may be good, Jen should be fired as soon as RHOSLC season 2 is over. This may have helped her case because Jen was sentenced to 6.5 years instead of three years.

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