Why Below Deck Fans Think Camille Lamb Should Be Fired

Fans of Below Deck season 10 weren't happy with Camille Lamb's performance on the St. David's, and many felt she should be fired.

Fans of Below Deck season 10 weren't happy with deck stew Camille Lamb's performance aboard the St. David's, and they're not afraid to say so. Camille's attitude and lack of work ethic had been an issue on board throughout the season, but things came to a head when Camille was publicly called out by Captain Sandy Yawn for her behaviour. Fans watched Camille struggle with her assignment, exhibit attitude and talk back when asked to perform essential job functions, and wondered why she was even interested in working at St David's.

Camille explains that her position on the yacht is between a sailor and a stewardess, which is partly responsible for her overall performance. With her job functions covering both the interior and exterior of superyachts, Camille of Below Deck says she has difficulty understanding when and where she is needed, or which tasks she should prioritize. Instead of asking for help, Camille spoke to Captain Sandy and Lieutenant Alisa Humber several times about her attitude. Fans think Camille's lack of effort is enough to get her fired from St Davids.

Camille Has Poor Work Ethic

Camille has been branded troublesome for her poor work ethic since she started on the St David's, bosun Ross Mcharg said she was more on deck hinder rather than help. She doesn't seem to want to do her job, opting instead to socialize or isolate, despite claiming to be from a long line of hardworking seafarers. Some fans think her immaturity is the problem, while others think she's just chasing influence on Under Deck. In a Reddit discussion started by u/teanailpolish, one user said, "Camille (I found her 24) is so immature. It's called work for a reason," adding that Camille needs to "work hard And earn respect."

Below Deck Fans Feel Camille Should Be Fired

Despite Camille's early career, her actions on St. David's seem like red flags for her future in the yachting industry. Her inability to follow directions, multitask or communicate prevented her from being successful in a team environment, which is what being a yacht crew is all about. Another Reddit agrees that Camille isn't right for her job below decks, saying She "talks back, doesn't understand rankings, can't do basic tasks quickly, doesn't want to be a teammate," and fans think she blames others when she's named.

Camille, a Caroline Stanberry lookalike, seems to be reaching her breaking point. Fans are keen to know if she will leave St. David's alone, something she threatened to do during the season. She could also be fired from the show, or she could regroup and end the season. Regardless of what happens next, fans still believe that Camille's inability and refusal to perform her duties on the yacht is a clear indication that she should be fired from below decks.

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Below Deck airs Mondays at 8pm. EDT Bravo.

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