Why Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is The Perfect 007 For Bond 26

The search for the next James Bond is well underway after Daniel Craig's exit, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the perfect 007 choice for Bond 26.

Now that Daniel Craig's days as the iconic spy are over, Aaron Taylor-Johnson could be the perfect James Bond actor for Bond 26. 2021 marks the end of Daniel Craig's portrayal of 007, whose no time to die killed his James Bond. The end of the Craig James Bond era means the future of the franchise once again involves reinventing the character. This has sparked endless speculation about who will follow in the footsteps of Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan and others as the next James Bond. Few details were shared about who could take over, with the studio reportedly hoping to sign a young actor.

Bond 26 casting rumors have now turned to Aaron Taylor-Johnson as popular fan favorites such as Idris Elba and Henry Cavill have been left out of the cast. The actor has long been considered a strong candidate to play the next 007. Aaron Taylor-Johnson's meeting with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and a well-rounded confirmation made him the frontrunner for the lead role. Only time will tell who the Broccoli family chooses as the new 007, but they seem to be on the right track. based on his career With that and the franchise's legacy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson's James Bond casting would be perfect.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Has Everything A James Bond Actor Needs

Whoever becomes the next James Bond will give the character his own style, as past actors have done, but each persona still has certain characteristics. James Bond is always smart, fearless, charming, fighting and more. Following in the footsteps of Daniel Craig, the MI6 spy becomes more modern and more of an action star. All of these qualities are certainly what franchise producers are looking for when casting the next James Bond. The good news is that Aaron Taylor-Johnson's career is over, and the signs are that he's up to the task of 007. The focus of the character he plays. The best logos come early in his career, such as Anna Karenina in 2012. He is familiar with the demands of an action star playing James Bond. He's had action-heavy roles in the past, such as the Kick-Ass series, but his most recent role in Bullet Train was Bigger display. Aaron Taylor-Johnson made Tangerine a skilled assassin while also bringing some charisma to the role, making it a great unofficial audition for James Bond.

Another argument in favor of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Bond is his versatility throughout his career. The actor has played everyone from superheroes and charming love objects to ruthless soldiers and dastardly criminals. Through it all, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has successfully demonstrated that there is no single character archetype that defines his skill set. He's a very skilled performer, capable of playing any Bond the next franchise needs. So no matter Bond 26 introduces a 007 who is closer to Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan than Daniel Craig, Aaron Taylor-Johnson can do it.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Has Proven His Character Versatility

In terms of the different qualities Aaron Taylor-Johnson could bring to the character, this could include adding some new quirks to the character. The actor has more often than not been a supporting role in the past, but that's arguably because the former has given him the opportunity to deliver unexpected performances. Whether it's his scene-stealing role in "Tenet" or his horror performance in "Nocturnal Animals" (which earned him a Golden Globe win), Aaron Taylor-Johnson's mannerisms and accent could be the way to give viewers a very different 007 Bond 26. He had a chance to lead a franchise in Kick-Ass before, and if Kraven the Hunter plays well enough for Sony, he might get another chance after 2023. When Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn't delivering memorable turns in smaller dramas, he's spent a lot of time in supporting roles in other franchises. His supporting role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron and his lead role in Godzilla are both considered the start of their respective series' long runs. Instead, they are disposable.

Years of working in other franchises has now prepared Aaron Taylor-Johnson for a franchise of his own. Even outside of established franchises, the actor has been featured in action films from Christopher Nolan ("Tenet") and David Leitch (2022's "Bullet Train"). characters, these films have the potential to become franchises. The latter even landed him a major role in Leitch's upcoming new action flick, Scapegoat, starring Ryan Gosling. Aaron Taylor-Johnson takes the lead The James Bond character will be the prize for years of hard work.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is Ready To Lead His Own Franchise

Aaron Taylor-Johnson playing James Bond in Bond 26 is also in line with comments about the team needing a younger 007. Franchise co-producer Michael G. Wilson has suggested that whoever is cast as the next James Bond will be in his thirties so that 007 could be a good enough surrogate to win The title, but also young enough to have long-term franchise potential. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is 32 years old and turns 33 in the summer of 2023. That makes him slightly older than Sean Connery was when he first helped James Bond on screen, but younger than recent interpretations.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be on the list at a younger age than past James Bond actors when they started the show. Sean Connery was 31 when he starred in "Dr No" and George Lazenby was 30 when he starred in "Her Majesty's Secret Service". Roger Moore was the oldest of the James Bond cast members to debut, as he was 45 when he died. Timothy Dalton also played an old Bond Because he was 41 in "The Living Days" and Pierce Brosnan did the same thing as 007 at 42 in "GoldenEye." Craig was 38 at Casino Royale, making James Bond slightly younger.

Bond 26 Needs A Younger 007

The youthful energy of Aaron Taylor-Johnson's James Bond could allow the next 007 to emulate what Daniel Craig went through in the role. Even if Bond 26 takes a few years to complete, Aaron Taylor-Johnson remains a few years younger than Craig throughout his campaign. This would allow him to easily play 007 for the next decade without any issues, as long as the movie is a success. Even if Aaron Taylor-Johnson's James Bond actor doesn't have the 15-year run that Craig has, there's still plenty of time for him to star in a trilogy before he enters his 40s.

The casting of James Bond to make Aaron Taylor-Johnson the next 007 will also help ensure audiences get a believable new actor for the role. Someone like Tom Holland was too young and too popular to be part of it. Aaron Taylor-Johnson represents a guy whose presence carries enough weight and is big enough to take this position and grow into this title. It also prevents The cast that Bond 26 brought in is too old to actually helm the franchise for years to come, and needs to be replaced soon. Instead, Aaron Taylor-Johnson's James Bond cast hits the perfect age range.

James Bond Can Mirror Daniel Craig's Bond Journey

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