Who is Hypno-Hustler, Sony's latest obscure Spider-Man character?

Spider-Man character Hypno-Hustler is getting his own movie starring Donald Glover, but who is this obscure Spider-Man antagonist?

Little-known Spider-Man character Hypno-Hustler is getting his own movie from Sony Pictures, starring actor/musician Donald Glover, and the antagonist's backstory is pretty unusual even for a Spider-Man villain. While the feature film is still in early development, it will appear alongside the Venom and Morbius films in Sony's Spider-Verse, with Glover serving as an executive producer. Although relatively unknown to the average comic book reader, Hypno-Hustler's origin could become a unique entry in Sony's line of Spider-Man-related characters.

Although Donald Glover has been in touch with Spider-Man before, playing Aaron Davis in the MCU's Spider-Man: Homecoming and Miles Moore in Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man Rales, but Glover's new Spider-Man role will be his first starring role in the franchise. While the plot of the Hypno-Hustler movie isn't known, it's expected to revolve around this monstrous antagonist. The Hollywood Reporter detailed that Glover is interested in the musical aspects of the character, suggesting that music will be a central theme of the overall plot. In addition, the script of the film will be written by Eddie Murphy's son Miles Murphy.

Hypno-Hustler, Sony's New Spider-Man Character, Explained

Introduced in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #24 in 1978, Antoine Desloin as Hypno-Hustler, Lead singer of Mercy Killers. Using hypnotic techniques in his instruments, Hypno-Hustler would hypnotize his listeners in order to rob them of their money and possessions. At one point, Peter Parker also dons his Spider-Man suit in the crowd, eventually discovering that the hypnotizing liar's headset prevents him from being hypnotized by his own technique. Spider-Man is then able to remove the headset, before tying up the Hypnotist Liar and the Mercy Killer, leaving them with the police.

In addition to being hypnotized by strumming his guitar, Hypno-Hustler's boots are capable of producing knockdown gas, and he keeps a retractable knife in the sole. As Sony continues to beef up its Spider-Man multiverse, Hypno-Hustler meets other Marvel characters who end up in the MCU, such as Deadpool, Man-Bull, and Tinkerer. The unusual Spider-Man character also appeared in "House of M" and "Spider-Man: Reign," and in shows like "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and video games, including "Spider-Man : Web of Shadows.

How Does Hypno-Hustler Fit Into Sony's Spider-Man Universe?

Although Hypno-Hustler is often ranked as one of the worst comic book villains due to his dated, campy personality, the Hypno-Hustler movie doesn't necessarily have to stay true to the 1970s time period. The film could be described as a modern multiverse musical adventure, a period piece that evolves into an updated setting, or other storytelling methods previously employed by Sony's Spider-Man universe. Since the upcoming Madame Web solo movie will be set in the 2000s, Hypno-Hustler's period setting could actually be combined with the MCU-like Captain Marvel's retro aesthetic. However, if the character were to face off against Tom Holland's Spider-Man at some point, Hypnotist Trickster would have to be included in Marvel Studios' current period.

Sony's Spider-Man villain series includes other lesser-known characters such as the Undead, suggesting that the studio is trying to expand its reach, but it also showcases its uniqueness by focusing more on Spider-Man's villains side. At some point, there might be a Sinister Six movie. While Hypno-Hustler certainly won't be in that movie, it gives Sony the chance to form other teams besides the Sinister Six, maybe even a team of humble Spider-Man characters, including El Muerto by Bad Bunny.

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