Which Skyrim Mercenary Is Actually Worth Hiring?

Every mercenary in Skyrim seems to boast of being the best - but there's one that isn't exaggerated and should be preferred by players over the others.

Between fighting off ancient dragons, slaying waves of Draugr, and slaying ruthless bandits, players may need a helping hand in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - and there are multiple mercenaries on the market Work hard for it. For just 500 gold, the Dragonborn can hire a mercenary - a temporary but very loyal follower who will fight to the death to protect their leader. But Skyrim has seven mercenaries to choose from, and each is equipped with different equipment and weapons, so it's hard to say who is the best mercenary in Skyrim.

Mercenaries are found throughout Skyrim, usually drinking mead at the local tavern of their choice. In general, they have similar parameters, with a max level cap of 40. However, those who own Skyrim's best expansion pack, the Dragonborn DLC, can satisfy the only exception to the rule - and it's not just this numerical advantage for him.

Skyrim's Best Mercenary Is Teldryn Sero

Teldryn Sero is the best mercenary in Skyrim. Serio is a Dunmer resident of Solstheim, living in the capital city of Raven Rock, and can usually be found at the Retching Netch Inn. he does look like A mercenary, but there's more to him than steel. As a "spell sword", Teldryn uses a combination of traditional weapons and magic to defeat his opponents. Although he's good at Destruction magic and one-handed weapons, he's also good at Summoning and Restoration spells, making him a versatile pick. Whether the enemy is close or far away, Teldryn has a way to wipe them out.

Teldryn Sero Has Complex Battle Techniques In Skyrim

Not only is he a jack-of-all-trades, but Teldryn's tactics in battle make him more effective than many of Skyrim's most powerful mage followers. In close quarters combat, he utilizes his well-rounded skill set by switching back and forth between fire spells and weapon bashes. If enemies are further away, he will unleash his Firebolt before closing in on them, preemptively providing himself with covering fire. When facing a fully ranged enemy, like an archer, he can even dual-cast spells, dealing more damage without compromising his position. He employs similarly intelligent techniques to Restoration spells to protect himself.

The only glaring downside to Teldryn Serio is that, unlike most mercenaries in Skyrim, the player cannot he. While the character is supposed to be a marital choice in Skyrim - with a mysterious backstory and playful personality - it's only a minor gripe given his raw power in combat. Since Teldyrn Sero is the best mercenary in Skyrim, players are sure to be well served by having Teldryn around, with their highly flexible skill sets, careful strategy, and even statistical advantages over others.

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