When will Reaper: Millennium Blood War Part 2 premiere?

Bleach's return with the Millennium Blood War anime is unbelievable, but the first part is done, how long is the second part?

The long-awaited return of Bleach to adapt its final arc, the Millennium Blood War, is underway with the first 13 episodes completed. However, now that part one is out, how long will fans have to wait for part two?

So far, Millennium Blood War has been incredible, with top-notch animation and some intense fights, ending with increasingly insane plot twists, leaving fans hungry for more. When the series was announced, it was said to be divided into four parts, each with around 13 episodes, just like the first one. After the finale of the first part aired on December 26, Viz teased a second part, saying Bleach will return in July 2023. Zanpakuto. Written on it are the words "The Blade is Me," which is the title of the final episode of Part One. At the top, it calls the second installment "Bleach: Millennium Blood War - Separation" along with a July 2023 date. A trailer published by Aniplex and translated by Viz was also shared, A small preview of what's to come. The trailer suggests that the "separation" in question could be Oolong joining the Quincy and separating himself from his friends.

Bleach adapted the manga chapters from 480 to 542 over the first 13 episodes at a rate of about 5 chapters per episode. This will bring the second batch of episodes to a close around chapter 610. However, it's known that part two of Bleach's return will include at least one fight that wasn't in the original comics, so depending on how long that fight lasts, part two could end around chapter 600. Given that the Bleach manga ends at Chapter 686, that's still only enough for another "full" batch of 13 episodes, so it seems likely that the pacing will slow down as it gets closer to the end, or come back by adding more clips. Bleach's manga ending was controversial because it came on a bit abruptly, so this anime adaptation might be an opportunity to rectify that, requiring more time for a satisfying ending.

Bleach's Manga Adaptation Speed

Those who like Reaper's Return will only The second installment won't be until July, and even people who have read the manga have some new content to look forward to when the series returns.

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Seek out Reaper: Millennium Blood War Part II, July 2023 on Hulu.

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