When does love at first sight season 16 air tonight

Season 16 of Love at First Sight returns with five new couples from Nashville. Here's how and when fans can watch the MAFS season 16 premiere.

Season 16 of Love at First Sight kicks off in 2023, and viewers can catch the latest episodes here when and where. Ten people prepare to marry a stranger blindly in Nashville, where there's more drama and entertainment online than ever before. Lifetime's long-running series premiered in 2014, trying to prove that arranged marriages can still work in modern times. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Rev. Calvin Roberson match couples based on everything from personality to aspirations. Unfortunately, however, most MAFS pairings end in divorce on decision day, not commitment.

Although Dr. Pepper and Pastor Carl have been criticized by viewers for their poor records in the past few seasons, they are ready to prove the fans wrong, with five new couples preparing to enter an arranged marriage on MAFS season 16. Jasmine and Airris, Nicole, Chris, Gina and Clint, Dominic and McKinley, and Kirsten and Shaquille will go through the show's fun-filled (but messy) eight-week social experiment to determine who they are. Intend to stay together forever, or eventually leave. While every couple tends to start off on a high note at the altar, it's only a matter of time until Their true personalities begin to emerge. That's when fans of the series can check out MAFS season 16 and what they can expect in the coming months.

What Time Does MAFS Season 16 Air?

One of the most anticipated reality shows of 2023, season 16 of MAFS kicks off January 4 at 8 p.m. ET. EST for life. Like previous seasons, the MAFS season 16 premiere is set to run the length of Avengers: Endgame at three hours, but will introduce viewers to all ten, following their announcements to friends and family , and show them that they are ready to go down the aisle. As the longest season to date, MAFS season 16 will have 23 episodes, according to Hidden Remote, and is expected to air every Wednesday at 8 p.m. In the next five or six months.

Where Can Fans Watch MAFS Season 16?

The easiest way to watch MAFS Season 16 unfold is through Lifetime's official channel, using cable TV. However, there are a few streaming services (besides Lifetime's official website) that will also be showing the latest MAFS couples and their weddings. For MAFS fans who aren't interested or can't afford cable, there's a 7-day free trial of Philo, which offers 60 live channels and over 50,000 shows $25 per month after one week. Vudu, another streaming service hosted through Fandango, will also offer individual episodes of MAFS season 16 for $1.99 each, or fans can buy the entire season in advance for $19.99.

What Can Viewers Expect To See On MAFS Season 16?

While MAFS Season 15 introduced new specialists DeVon Franklin and Dr. Pia Holec, and featured several chaotic couples (including Morgan and Binh), MAFS Season 16's five-parter is expected to bring more than ever dramatic. In a never-before-seen move, a MAFS groom will make an "indecent proposal" to another actor, and Clint could find himself drawn in like Morgan and notorious villain Alyssa Ehrman. abandon. These insights are based on the season 16 MAFS trailer shared by People. However, Clint and Gina aren't the only duo who may not be able to make the decision day, as Chris and Nicole will clash, with Jasmine at one point admitting that she and Iris have "no chemistry." While the San Diego cast didn't win over audiences, five couples in Nashville might surprise MAFS fans. However, it's hard to say whether the fans' reaction was positive or negative.

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Married at First Sight premieres Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. EST for life. New episodes air every Wednesday at 8pm. EST for life.

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