What story from the manga and anime does One Piece Odyssey use

While One Piece Odyssey will tell an original story, the game will also revisit several of the original series' most iconic arcs.

While One Piece Odyssey will tell a mostly original story, previews of the game also suggest it will delve into the original manga's storyline. While One Piece games have been common in the series' nearly 20-year run, Odyssey departs from more action-oriented adaptations and instead takes the form of a turn-based JRPG with an original story penned by series writer Eiichiro Oda.

With the release of One Piece Odyssey in early 2023, developer ILCA and publisher Bandai Namco released a steady stream of promotional videos showcasing the game's story and gameplay. Drawing inspiration from long-running role-playing game series such as Dragon Quest, Odyssey leads the Straw Hat Pirates on an expansive adventure to the mysterious island of Waford, an original setting for Odyssey and featuring the entire Straw Hat Pirates. Units engage in turn-based battles. However, in addition to the game's more original settings, characters, and story, pre-release material suggests the game will also spend a lot of time revisiting areas and stories from the original manga.

One Piece Odyssey Revisits The Manga's Most Beloved Stories

In One Piece Odyssey, the Straw Hats will relive several people's "memories" One Piece's most popular stories, including Alabasta Arc, Water 7/Enies Lobby, Marineford and Dressrosa. While, as seen in the hands-on preview of One Piece Odyssey, these memories require fully realized parts of the game as well as unique NPCs, it remains to be seen how narrative twists will affect retelling of the various One Piece arcs. Since Odyssey's memories are partially made up of many of the most revered arcs in One Piece, adapting them successfully can be a difficult task for the game.

Odyssey's Memory Arcs Will Add New Twists to One Piece Storylines

Although Odyssey's memory sections seem to be curated from some of the best and most popular content in the comics, covering such much-loved material could backfire, especially when the game seems poised to make some changes to how the story plays out. when major changes are made. However, while some fans may make potential changes to the critically acclaimed storyline, they may also prove to be necessary additions, potentially helping Odyssey correct what went wrong in the One Piece manga. A straight-up recap won't offer longtime fans anything new, either, while also making it difficult to make room for those who join the Straw Hat team later on.

As Odyssey's release date approaches, One fans Piece doesn't have to wait long to see how the memory part of the game works. With promotional materials already pointing to a major shakeup for retellings of past arcs, the game certainly hopes to offer a mix of iconic moments and dramatic changes that showcase some of the most beloved arcs in the comics in new ways. However, it remains to be seen if One Piece Odyssey can stick to the landing, with the game set to launch on January 13, 2023.

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