What Happened to Liz Evans After My 600-Pound Life Season 6

Fans of My 600 Pound Life season 6 want to know what happened to Liz Evans. She's the one they love to watch on the popular TLC reality series.

It's time for Liz Evans, one of the cast members of "My 600-Lound Life" season 6, to update fans on her latest activities since leaving the show. Like many of the other stars of the series, Liz has had a lot of support from fans as she struggles to lose weight. Her episode aired in 2018. At the time of the show, she weighed 721 pounds and was bedridden for ten years. After years of struggling, Liz, who also suffered from other serious illnesses, decided to consult Dr Nozaradhan. She is ready to improve her health.

Since "My 600 Pound Life" began, fans have seen countless stars embark on a weight-loss journey; however, Liz's story is particularly heartbreaking and emotional. In addition to being raised by an alcoholic father, Liz was sexually abused by relatives at the age of 6. In addition, she was born with a congenital disability that caused her leg bones to bend, which negatively impacted her quality of life. To cope with all the pain, Liz overeats and becomes obese. She seeks help from "Dr Now" because she wants to take control of her future.

Liz Lost 353 Pounds After My 600-Lb Life Season 6

About my 600-pound life, Liz spoke of her determination to get help and lose enough weight to undergo gastric bypass surgery. On Dr. Now's recommendation, she also needed to have a lymphedematous mass in her leg removed. The lump made it difficult for her to stand, and being able to walk again was one of Liz's main goals. She lost weight through a strict diet and physical therapy. Liz lost enough weight to have the surgery, and she stuck with the doctor despite his authoritarian personality. At the end of her "My 600 Pound Life" journey, she weighed 368 lbs. In total, Liz lost an impressive 353 pounds, according to The List. This makes her one of the series' impressive success stories.

However, unlike some of the stars of My 600 Pound Life (some fans of the show may remember an example of season 7 star Octavia Nichelle who stuck to her weight loss plan after the show), Liz recovered Her unhealthy eating habits. When she got home, she had gained about 50 pounds. Thankfully, Liz was reunited with her medical team, and they allowed the TLC actor to refocus on her weight loss goals. After a relapse of a minor illness, Liz resumed her day job, and the After some time, the celebrity was finally able to walk again with the help of crutches.

Liz later returned to the reality TV franchise with My 600 Pound Life: Where Are They Now? ". During the show, Liz talked about her weight loss journey and how some of her old scars threatened her progress. Despite this, Liz notes that she still attends regular therapy sessions and adheres to Dr. No's strict schedule. Liz's My 600-lb Life journey is so inspiring, and while she's off social media, fans hope she sticks to her weight loss plan and finds joy in the TLC cameras.

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