Wednesday Dance's figure skating tribute further destroys those critics

Netflix's "Wednesday" is a global hit, and the viral trend of Wednesday dance reenactments has taken the competitive sports world by storm.

Wednesday has infiltrated pop culture thanks to lead actress Jenna Ortega's haunting dance sequences, and recent figure skating routines prove that criticism of Wednesday Addams' moves is entirely wrong. A Netflix original series launching in 2022, "Wednesday" quickly became one of the platform's most popular shows and broke the viewership record previously held by "Stranger Things." On Wednesday, the daughter of the titular Addams family was sent to Nevermore Academy, a boarding school infested with homeless people, where she used her newfound psychic powers to investigate a local murder spree.

Although it's released later this year, it's easily one of the best Netflix shows of 2022, thanks in large part to Jenna Ortega's performance. Ortega perfectly captures Wednesday's morbid humor and blunt wit while allowing her character's personality to quietly grow throughout the series. Episode 4, "Woe What A Night," proved just how far awed she was during her reclusive Wednesday at Nevermore. Wednesday's dance show was an instant hit, but also got its fair share criticism.

Wednesday Dance Scene's Amazing Figure Skating Homage Proves Its Impact

Despite being ridiculed in some quarters for being too weird, Jenna Ortega's Wednesday dance has been recreated by thousands on social media, with Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga among others jumping on the bandwagon . Another name added to that list is European figure skating champion Kamila Valieva, who based Wednesday's dance sequence on a routine she performed at the Russian Figure Skating Championships. The skating feat included an appearance by The Thing, Wednesday's classic slide, and other moves that are now iconic for the character.

Valieva incorporates Wednesday's dance into her catchy performance, not only showing how popular the minute-long scene has become, but the choreography is also excellent. Breakout star Jenna Ortega choreographed Wednesday's dance herself. The clip highlights Wednesday's ghoul charisma, even though she's openly stated that she thinks the scene clearly shows she's not a dancer. Originally, a flash mob was planned, but the decision to stick with the solo dance paid off as Wednesday's personality came out in the most unexpected ways.

The Wednesday Dance Scene Criticisms Never Made Sense

Wednesday's dance was criticized by a small group of viewers who claimed it was second-hand Embarrassing because Wednesday's unconventional dance moves are awkward and uncomfortable. But that's the point. Not only did the dancing infuse the show with the eccentric spirit of the Addams family, but it was also a big moment for Wednesday's growth, after she preferred to hide in the shadows and do her own thing. By dancing unapologetically in a way that stays true to her character, Wednesday proves that she doesn't care what anyone thinks, and doesn't mind being an outcast at a school full of them.

This show isn't even the first time Wednesday has danced on screen. In the 1960s series The Addamses, a young Wednesday teaches Lurch how to shuffle cards and doesn't stop when Morticia walks in between them, proving that she dances to express her individuality, not to gain approval from others. Jenna Ortega's take on Adams' older child and her demeanor are in keeping with the character's unique identity. The near-universal adoration of Wednesday's dance by everyone from casual fans to competitive figure skaters has silenced critics.

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