UK's Love Island season 8 set 'the bar so high', according to fans

Season 8 of Love Island UK is a fan favourite, and fans say it will be hard to beat with the upcoming season 9 premiere of Love Island UK.

Love Island UK season 8 is so beloved by fans that they are worried about how Love Island UK season 9 will fare. The reality dating series has been on the air since 2015, but not every season has been a hit with fans. Fortunately, last season was. Fans enjoyed watching the mayhem unfold at the Villa and were very pleased with the Islanders. Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti were fan favourites, so it was no surprise when they finished the season with titles. The duo became so popular that they went on to star in their own series "Ekinsu" and "David: Homecoming".

Love Island fans are excited about the new season; however, they are not sure if it will live up to the previous one. Twitter user @eds_afterglow wrote, "Love Island 2022 sets the bar so high for next season it's hard to beat," and shared a video clip of Love Island season 8's top moments. Some of the moments in the video are Dami Hope's iconic fight with Luca Bish, the unsettling moment when Luca admits to Tasha Ghouri that he "licked" another girl's boobs, and the pointy scene between Ekin-Su and Ekin-Su. call to fight When David told her, he didn't care about her at all. The fan also tweeted some screenshots of their favorite Love Island season meme moments.

Love Island Season 8 Fans Found The Reunion Disappointing

One fan responded to the tweet, writing, "Honestly, it will never be surpassed," while another added, "The best seasons of top players are never capped." One particularly liked Dami and Indiyah Polack's Love Island fan tweeted a video clip of the couple and said it would be hard for any other couple to top what they've got. However, some fans pointed out that they were very disappointed with the Love Island season 8 reunion, as they felt it was dull compared to the drama and entertainment this season provided. Other fans said they wished the series had waited longer to film the Love Island reunion, rather than filming it so soon after the season ended.

When fans like one season of a show, they tend to compare every other season to that show. Here's hoping the producers of "Love Island" have something better in store for Love Island season 9. Otherwise, fans will just reminisce about the previous season. Usually, fans are looking for the perfect A balance of drama and chaos and a real, real connection. While they love watching the fights, the point of the series is for the islanders to find the love they're looking for. Fans will be delighted if Love Island season 9 delivers on both.

During Love Island season 8, fans loved what Ekin Sue brought to the show, even calling her the perfect contestant. Hopefully the new season will bring equally likable contestants who know how to play the show's game while also proving they're there for the right reasons. While it might be difficult for Love Island season 9 to compete with its predecessors, it's not impossible. If the casting is right, fans could end up loving the new Love Island season even more.

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Love Island season 9 premieres on Monday 16 January on ITV2 and ITVX.

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