Tunic: How to Defeat the Heir (Final Boss Guide)

The Heir is the final boss in Tunic and can be difficult to defeat, especially if the player tries to fight without restoring their stat upgrades.

The Heir is the final boss in Tunic and the hardest to defeat. The first time the player encounters the Heir is after delivering the three colored gems to the Sealed Temple. The initial battle is doomed, and failure will return the fox to its starting spawn point on the beach. However, this time the fox is a ghost and must regain all stat upgrades by visiting the hero's grave.

The heir can fight without restoring the upgrade and restoring the fox's physical form, but the fight will be very difficult. Instead, players are advised to visit each of the six hero graves as ghosts to restore all of their upgrades in Tunic. This can only be done after entering the cathedral and completing the combat trial to gain the teleport dash ability. Once the Teleport Dash feature is unlocked, players will be able to pick up upgrades floating on pedestals at the end of each hero's grave path.

Tunic's Final Boss Fight: Preparation

After returning to physical form, the fox can confront the heir again. Can use any of Tunic's quick access to the arena Travel to the meridian point and activate the central platform. As soon as the fox appears, the heir will start attacking immediately, so players should make sure they are properly equipped before entering. For this fight, it is recommended that players equip swords, staves, and any explosives to the three equipment slots. The Scavenger Mask should also be equipped in one of the open ability slots in Tunic.

Tunic: Heir Boss Fight Attacks & Defenses

Beginning with Tunic's final boss fight, heirs can use a mix of melee and magic attacks, as well as some extra moves in the second phase. Initially, heirs will be able to slam their swords, causing electric rings to spread across the arena floor. This move is one of the most difficult to dodge, as the player needs to use the teleport dash ability to quickly bend between the three rings.

During the second phase of the fight, the heir will use a life-stealing attack, similar in effect to the crystals in Tunic's Quarry. Each of these attacks emits the familiar purple glow to indicate the effect. Best way to beat heir The tunic will soon have to stock up on explosives such as firecrackers or bombs.

Hurting & Avoiding Tunic's Final Boss

Explosive items do a lot of damage compared to other weapons in Tunic, and throwing them from a distance allows the Fox to avoid most of the heir's sword strikes. Heirs also take some time to recover after being hit by a sword, so players can teleport dash to bosses and hit them quickly with melee attacks.

During Tunic's final boss fight, the wand should be used as a backup weapon when the player needs to drink a health potion or restore stamina. The heir will attempt to dodge the wand's fireballs, which temporarily block the boss's attack. If the staff attack hits, it only deals a small amount of damage, so it shouldn't be used as a primary weapon.

Alternatively, the player can also equip Tunic's magic dagger to freeze the heir and restore or perform some melee attacks before the boss unfreezes. However, players should pay attention to that daggers use more magic points, so they cannot be used as frequently as wands. At the end of the second stage of the Tunic final The boss battle, the fall of the heir, the ending depends on whether the player has collected all the instruction pages in Tunic.

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