Thunderbolt could set up a major World War Hulk fight

A legendary role for the MCU's Thunderbolts could be Marvel Studios' next major tease for a potential World War Hulk project.

Marvel Studios has been teasing a potential World War Hulk project, which could see another addition thanks to a rumored role for Phase 5's Thunderbolts. After Bruce Banner emerged as the wise Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, many began to wonder if the Angry Hulk would return, but some recent teases in the MCU project have been hinting at the development of World War Green. Giant adaptation. The introduction of the MCU Illuminati team in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and the debut of Sakaar and Hulk's son Skaar in Thor: Ragnarok and She-Hulk: Attorney, are both huge steps forward in terms of hinting at the world Fight the Hulk.

In addition to hinting at a World War Hulk project, Marvel Studios is slowly laying the groundwork for Thunderbolts' first team-up in the MCU. The Phase 5 project will bring villains and anti-heroes from previous MCU projects, including Bucky Barnes, Yelena Belova, and Ghost, to battle an as-yet-undisclosed foe, though a character from Marvel Comics has been causing a stir saying it might Is the opponent of the MCU. The team's first adventure. This Legend Could Be a Big Step in Marvel Studios' World Tease The War Hulk movie, as he played a major role in the final moments of this epic comic.

Sentry Is Rumored To Debut In Thunderbolts

The Sentinel is a remarkable character who debuted in the Marvel Comics Marvel Knights miniseries. This mighty hero is imbued with the power of a million sun blasts. The story tells the story of Bob Reynolds, an ordinary middle-aged man who remembers that one day he was a superhero. He also suddenly realizes that his nemesis, the Void, is making a comeback, sending him on a journey to meet other iconic heroes and try to figure out why no one remembers Sentinel. While the heroic role as the Thunderbolt villain might seem like an odd choice, he has an incredible secret that would make him a perfect fit.

It soon becomes clear that Sentinel and the Void are two halves of the same person, meaning Reynolds possesses the terrifying ability to switch between powerful hero and destructive villain. This would make him the perfect character to take on the Thunderbolts in the MCU, as every member of the team is torn between hero and villain. Sentinel's debut in Thunderbolts not only Makes sense for the project, but it could also set the stage for some major Marvel stories going forward, including World War Hulk.

Marvel Studios Have Been Hinting At World War Hulk

Marvel Studios has been dropping major hints about a potential World War Hulk project. Phase 3 of Thor: Ragnarok laid a lot of groundwork for World War Hulk, especially with the introduction of Sakaar and the debut of Korg and Miek, two characters who participated in the Marvel Comics Hulk's "Battleworld" team. Sakaar is where the Hulk finds himself exiled by the Illuminati in the Marvel comics. While his storyline is slightly different in the MCU, landing after Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's still a very important location. ^Phase 4 further fleshes out the Smart Hulk's character, and while this might seem counterproductive to the berserk Hulk World War Hulk needs to see, the Hulk attacking Earth has a lot of intelligence, which means it's a good sign for the MCU. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law not only brings the Hulk back to Sakaar on a secret mission, but also debuts the Hulk's son, Skaar, who plays a major role in the events of World War Hulk. it must be just It's only a matter of time before the MCU World War Hulk project is announced, and Thunderbolts can actively help kick those wheels off.

The Sentry's introduction of Thunderbolts in the MCU could set up one of the most epic scenes for World War Hulk since he and the Hulk fight in the final moments of the storyline. Sentry's uncanny strength makes him one of the few heroes strong enough to take on the super-mighty Hulk, leading to an epic battle between Bob Reynolds and Bruce Banner that will take New York to the fore. Razed the city and restored Banner to human form. While the combined efforts of the Sentinel and the Avengers ultimately brought down the Hulk, the battle marked the end of his rampage across Earth.

Sentry Plays An Important Role In The World War Hulk Story

Seeing this battle play out in the live-action MCU would be the perfect end to the World War Hulk crossover project. The rampage Hulk risked becoming a threat to the entire Avengers team for sure, and would have nearly every MCU hero involved in taking down the former hero, so ending the project in a cinematic battle between two super-powerful characters would is the icing on the cake. By including the sentinel in the With Thunderbolts, Marvel Studios will be one step closer to bringing the highly anticipated World War Hulk project to life.

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