The Witcher 3: Does kissing Triss affect your chances of dating Yennefer?

Deciding between the two sorceresses in The Witcher 3's story is difficult, but how far can Geralt go with Triss if the player wants to end with Ye?

Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not only a powerful monster slayer, but he's also popular with the ladies - especially Yennefer and Triss Merigold of Vengerburg. While Braviken Butcher will be exposed to a lot of women over the course of the game, these particular sorceresses seem to hold a special place in his heart, and it won't be long before he finds himself in a love triangle with the two. Between the complicated history and vastly different personalities, players might not be sure how to handle the situation, especially if they want the best of both worlds.

Besides Triss and Yeh, Geralt has several supporting characters with whom he can develop a close relationship. He can spend his hard-earned crown at one of the game's three brothels, and neither woman will blink. On top of that, Sasha, Jutta, Shani, Sylvia, and Keira can have romances in The Witcher 3 - none of which will affect his relationship with Yen or Triss. However, when the player interacts with either of the two sorceresses, the player's actions are more important and can even affect the outcome of the game.

Kissing Triss Won't Upset Yennefer In The Witcher 3

Luckily, Kiss Triss will not affect Geralt's relationship with Yennefer in The Witcher 3. When Triss falls into his arms during the "Live or Die" quest, the player is completely free to kiss her without consequences, as the two kiss her shortly after being interrupted by Albert. However, if Geralt wishes to end up with Yennefer, that's the only way it will go. Telling Triss he loves her during the "This Life" quest will end up with the two sleeping together - understandably, Yeh won't be too pleased with his behaviour. After that, committed relationships with her will be ruled out.

Committing To Both The Witcher 3's Triss And Yennefer Doesn't End Well

It is possible to try to romanticize both Triss and Yeh in The Witcher 3, but this would end up backfiring on the Butcher of Braviken. If the player tries to woo these two women, they will actually conspire to trick him, and he will end up chained to the bed, naked and embarrassed. When the elated Dandelion finally stumbles across Geralt and unchains him, neither Ye nor Triss is interested in a relationship with him. Of course, this cancels any chance of unlocking the relevant ending.

If the player likes to have their Happy ending with Yennefer of Wingerburg, they could still kiss Triss Merigold in The Witcher 3 - but they should avoid taking that relationship to the next level. Sleeping with Triss would leave Ye heartbroken, and if Geralt tried to seduce the two women, they would together plot their well-deserved revenge. Ultimately, there are pros and cons to choosing Yennefer or Triss, and it's entirely up to the player who they choose. But considering that Geralt was able to kiss Triss while courting Yennefer, the latter seemed to be quite tolerant of her lover in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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