The R-rated MCU Captain America imagined in TikTok is the movie we wish we had

Viral TikTok turned PG-13 Captain America: The Winter Soldier into an expletive-filled R-rated movie that's absolutely hilarious.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ranks among the most iconic modern superhero movies, thanks in large part to the fact that the MCU is accessible to all ages. To combat this, a TikTok user took it upon himself to create a hilarious and expletive-filled clip showing fans what could have happened. The MCU generally stays away from strong language and excessive gore in order to maintain the PG-13 ratings of released films in order to attract as many theater audiences as possible.

TikTok user The Senseless Censor! They put their own creative spin on the shield-wielding, family-friendly superhero and his movies by adding some very suggestive censor beeps to some of the emotional MCU moments initially involving Evans Cap. Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter also find some hilarious eccentricities in the perfectly cut cut, with quotes from the two supporting characters cut out up. Check out TikTok below.

Would Marvel Ever Make An R-Rated Captain America Movie?

All three Captain America films received the standard Marvel PG-13 treatment from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA) Ratings and Ratings Authority. A spate of intense violence, shootouts and action was cited as the cause Behind the MPA restrictions on movie ratings. The Captain America movies are definitely violent, but nothing obvious enough to warrant an R rating. Even though the Captain America movies deal with World War II and espionage, the genre easily gets an R rating.

Captain America's themes tend to be mature and nuanced, with the film's focus growing in complexity. Action scenes can also get intense and brutal, but they lack the Deadpool-like gore and violence necessary for the film to earn an R rating. To make an R-rated Captain America movie, Marvel would have to add more blood or add some sexual tension. They could also go the The Senseless Censor! route, including explicit language.

Ultimately, the success of the Captain America franchise seems to have reaffirmed the decision not to give it an R rating. The tone of these installments is usually serious and mature, which is important for most MCU movies. Going the bloody, foul-mouthed route worked well for Deadpool, but it's unique to the character's lore. That doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be standard for other MCU projects. Accessibility matters, and Captain America is A comic book hero loved by fans of all ages. From lighthearted comedies to Deadpool, Marvel has struck a great balance with its many shows and movies. Captain America is somewhere in between, which is considered one of the positives for the success of the film and the MCU as a whole.

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