The Hulk's deadliest form ever is being unleashed. Bruce Banner

The deadliest Hulk of all time is about to begin his final stand against the Hulk as the hero battles one of his strongest and most powerful foes.

Spoilers for Hulk #14 by Marvel Comics

^ The final battle between the Hulk and the deadliest Hulk-Titan of all time is coming to the Marvel Universe, as hell is about to unleash. In Ryan Ottley and Frank Martin's new trailer for Hulk #14, Bruce Banner confronts the Hulk's darkest side as he refuses to be repressed in his mind any longer. This fight will determine what happens next in the Hulk's story, as Marvel is teasing the current arc with a splash.

Titan is the dark new character from the Hulk who is responsible for one of the deadliest incidents involving Bruce Banner, making him a bad book for the Avengers and most of everyone on Earth. In the current Hulk series with Donny Cates (recently out of the series), Ryan Ottley and Frank Martin, Banner completely transforms himself as he pilots the Hulk from his mind like a starship. After Banner lost control, however, the Titans emerged, as the hero seemed to have little to no way of stopping the deadliest Hulk of all time. Now, Marvel Comics is gearing up for the final battle between the Hulk and the Titans.

A new look at the Hulk #14 From Ryan Ottley and Frank Martin of Marvel Comics, Bruce Banner's peace on Planet Hulk is about to be interrupted by Titans. As the Emerald Hulk attempts to enjoy paradise on the planet he adores millions of miles from Earth, the deadliest Hulk ever will reappear as Banner can no longer suppress his darkest side. Unfortunately, Planet Hulk could be one of the victims as the Titans unleash incredible power in their battle against Banner and his monstrous form.

Titan Is About To Make Hulk's Life A Living Hell

It would be a great loss if the Hulk landed on a planet he admired and adored, only to have his Dark Titan personality destroy a world that might have been his longtime home. The Hulk has lost a lot after the events of Planet Hulk, so the Titan has a chance to do more damage to the hero. Since the Hulk is dying, perhaps the deadliest Hulk ever to break free has something to do with his current state.

Ryan Oatley stated in Marvel's press release that he was excited to see the Titan join the Hulk's rogues' gallery, and hoped to see the deadliest Hulk return in a future story. View call for text For the following questions.

Will Bruce Banner regain control of the Hulk, or will Planet Hulk be the next victim of the reemergence of the Titan and his powers? Marvel appears to be setting an epic, deadly end to the Emerald Giant's current run. Readers can find out more when Marvel Comics' Hulk #14 hits comic book stores on April 26, 2023.

Titan is now in control, and his endless rage may destroy Hulk Planet. Within the remaining fragments of the Mind Palace, Bruce Banner must reckon with the harm he has inflicted on the Hulk if either of them are to have any chance of regaining control and saving the planet. But Bruce knows better than anyone that once a part of the Hulk has unlocked itself, there’s no closing that door ever again…

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