'The Glass Onion' Is Among Netflix's 10 Most Viewed Movies of All Time

The Glass Onion: Into the Wild is officially one of Netflix's most-watched movies of all time, as Rian Johnson's sequel breaks into the top 10.

Rian Johnson's "The Glass Onion: Wild Action Mystery" is officially among the top 10 Netflix movies of all time. The highly anticipated sequel to 2019's Knock Out has Daniel Craig returning to the role of Detective Benoit Blanc, who is investigating yet another murder mystery. The Glass Onion opens on Netflix in late December 2022 after a limited theatrical release. While the original film was a box office hit for Lionsgate, Johnson agreed to make a sequel for Netflix. The popularity of the original Knives Out and the critical reception Glass Onion received has led to expectations that the sequel will be a hit for the streaming service.

Just 10 days after its release on Netflix, The Glass Onion: Wild Action Mystery is officially one of the streamer's most popular original films of all time. Netflix updated its Top 10 rankings today, taking into account that in Glass Onion's second week of release, Rian Johnson's film has racked up 209.4 million hours watched. That's enough to land Glass Onion on Netflix's list of the top 10 movies to watch. It knocks The Kissing Booth 2 (209.2 million hours watched) off the list. The Knives Out sequel has several now million watch hours is a distance away from The Irishman and Unforgiven, while Don't Look Up (359.7 million hours watched) and Red Notice (364 million hours watched) remain firmly in the top 2 spots.

Glass Onion's Streaming & Theatrical Release Success Explained

A recent update to Glass Onion's ratings on Netflix cements the film's success as a streaming and theatrical release. Netflix has broken with its traditional release model for a Rian Johnson murder mystery, agreeing to release it in 600 theaters the week before Thanksgiving. After the first Knives Out grossed over $300 million in theaters, The Glass Onion reportedly made $13-15 million in its limited debut. While that's far less than the original film, the limited access to the film makes the sequel's performance quite impressive. It doesn't even look like Netflix left tens (if not hundreds of millions) of dollars behind by not giving Glass Onion a wide theatrical release.

Since box office performance is unofficial and likely hypothetical, the ratings for a Knives Out sequel is now an indication of its true popularity. The sequel pulled in 127 million hours in its second week, so even a 50% drop in week three means Glass The Onion will watch over 250 million hours in its first 28 days. That could mean that Rian Johnson's sequel will pass "Grey Men," Netflix's most expensive film of all time (253.8 million hours watched), to become Netflix's fourth most popular film of all time.

Glass Onion's Views Are A Good Sign For Knives Out 3

Seeing Glass Onion's high ratings bodes well for Knockout 3 for Netflix and Rian Johnson. There's always the chance that this film franchise will resonate with audiences less strongly on Netflix than in theaters. However, the success of The Glass Onion eased viewer concerns about watching Benoit Blanc solve more murder mysteries. With Rian Johnson already writing the script for Fallout 3, the Glass Onion: Fallout Mystery perspective could mean a quick turnaround for the sequel to capitalize on that momentum.

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