The Flash Betrayed DC Comics By Revealing A New Batman Story

A new Batman story is coming, but it's not from DC. Dark Crisis: The Big Bang Theory sees The Flash accidentally destroy a whole new comic book existence.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1!

The Flash appears to have betrayed one of his favorite publishers by revealing a new Batman story. Dark Crisis: The Big Bang Theory #1 The league's biggest comic book nerd reveals the yet-to-be-announced existence of the upcoming Dark Knight adventure DC.

Not only is Barry Allen one of the fastest heroes in the DC Universe, he's also an unabashed comic book lover. As a boy, he was an avid reader of the heroes of the Justice Society of America's golden age, most notably Jay Garrick, the Flash. In fact, Barry was one of the first to discover that comic books were actually chronicles of what happened on other Earths in the multiverse. Barry's love of the comics extends to other members of the Flash family, even his otherworldly variants such as the Red Racer from Earth-36.

However, Barry appears to have done his beloved comic book company a disservice by ruining the existence of a book that DC hasn't even announced yet. In Dark Crisis: The Big Bang Theory #1, Mark Wade, Dan Jurgens and Norm Rappmond, Barry Allen and Wallace West embark on a journey through a new A Journey Through the Expanded Multiverse to Track Put down the dreaded anti-monitor. During their journey, they encountered many new worlds and eventually defeated the interdimensional tyrant. At the end of his adventure, Flash reveals a series of notes he made during his journeys in the various worlds, even mentioning that Earth-33, the "real world", helped him master the new structure. Barry lists each Earth and what stories they are usually associated with. Oddly enough, he describes Earth-46 as home to "a grim young Batman and a unique, unrecognizable gallery of rogues," as can be read in Batman: The Gargoyles of Gotham.

Flash Spoiled A New Batman Story's Existence

The truth is, DC Comics has yet to release a series or graphic novel titled Batman: The Gargoyles of Gotham. They haven't even announced anything with such a title yet, which makes it all the more weird that Flash documented it. However, Barry admitted that he used information he found on Earth-33 to help him fill out the list, but the only way they could get such information was from DC. In other words, it's likely that Barry ransacked DC's offices to spoil comics that the publisher hasn't yet announced.

But why would Barry betray DC Comics? one would not think An independent member of the Justice League uses his powers to snoop on corporate secrets. But in Flash's defense, he's trying to complete an inventory of the multiverse now that it's been restored to its original structure. Not to mention that Barry is a comic nerd first and foremost, and who can blame a nerd for missing the opportunity to reveal an exciting new story coming soon? Batman: Gotham's gargoyles may not exist yet, but fans can catch a brief hint of it from The Flash in The Dark Crisis: The Big Bang Theory #1, which is out now.

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