The Conners Bring Back a Forgotten Roseanne Season 1 Character

In a slew of familiar characters returning for the spin-off, the Conners bring back a forgotten Roseanne season 1 character who has ties to Dan.

The Conners bring back a forgotten Roseanne season 1 character who only met Dan and Roseanne once, on a special occasion at the Lobo Lounge. ABC seems to be doing all it can to bring back nostalgia for Season 5 of The Conners. In addition to the tragic circumstances in which Jackie had to deal with Beverly's deteriorating health, the series also brought back the Lobo Lounge, an important setting from the original series. Now, The Conners are dealing further with the history of the local hangout as it Revisited the specific moment Roseanne season 1 took place there.

With the return of the iconic Roseanne spot on The Conners, TV Line reports that ABC is bringing back a particular bully from the flagship sitcom - Eric Allan Kramer's Bobo. For context, Bobo only appears in the Roseanne season 1 episode "Dan's Birthday Bash." While Dan and Roseanne celebrate his birthday, he encounters bully Pop, who incites the Connors patriarch to fight him. Dan is about to take the bait, but Roseanne is mad at him for breaking his promise not to fight again. Bobo's return will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Conners Wednesday, January 11.

What Bobo's The Conners Return Mean For Dan

Bobo's return coincides with William H. Macy's guest appearance at The Conners the same week. Play as Smitty Cusamano, a former classmate of Dan, Louise, and Jackie who returns rich and successful after leaving Lanford, whose homecoming comes at a tragic time as he and his former classmate are dealing with the death of a beloved teacher . Cusamano's reunion with his old pals is likely to be a central plot point for upcoming episodes of The Conners, so it's curious how Bobo's return will affect the outing.

Bringing back the Roseanne season 1 character fits perfectly with the show's attempt to revisit the iconic ABC sitcom. While Popo only makes one appearance in the family comedy's history, he was arguably one of the project's memorable guests, as he basically ruined Dan's birthday. The fact that almost nothing is known about him makes Pop even more interesting. Like the Macy's The Conners season 5 character, it'll be interesting to see what he does after he gets into an argument with Dan after making fun of Roseanne's weight. If he doesn't change these decades, his return Possibly

The Conner family has been through a lot since Roseanne's death. Every family member is dealing with their own arcs, including Dan. That being said, the spin-off prequel's efforts to evoke nostalgia mean the Conners will have to keep incorporating Roseanne into the story. It's worth noting that the last time Bobo joined the team, he was beaten for making an unflattering comment about Roseanne's weight. With his imminent reappearance, the Conners need to bring up Roseanne's death again to learn about her and Dan's history with the Lobo Lounge bullies. Season 5 of The Conners airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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