The Circle: The 7 Best Kinds of Friendships (and the Worst 3)

Netflix's The Circle is a reality TV competition that has the world talking. We like some of the friendships on the show, but not others.

Netflix's The Circle is a series about social media competitions where you can rank by popularity. Participants in this game communicate only through messages without seeing other contestants. This means they can be whoever they want. While some choose to go the real route, others choose to take a more calculated approach.

The league was formed to allow itself to compete. While some of these alliances were purely strategic, some were true friendships that lasted beyond the show. On the other hand, some friendships take a bad path and don't feel like real bonds.

Updated January 1, 2023, by Kevin Pantoja: While many reality TV shows are based on drama, The Circle takes a healthier approach. Even contestants who play strategy games end up building strong relationships based on trust and endearing themselves to the audience. Over the course of four seasons, this resulted in more positive friendships than negative friendships. Season 5 premieres on December 28, 2022, and hopefully more will be added to the list.


Season 1: Joey, Sammie, Shubham, Chris, & Rebecca

Almost any combination of season 1 finalists will do Considered the best friendship. Joey and Shubham become best friends, Joey excitedly calls him "Shooby", Rebecca/Seaburn and Shubham are almost like siblings, Chris and Sammie develop feelings for their past, and the list goes on.

Although later seasons developed a strong friendship between the final five, the relationship between the five is hard to match. The ending of their first meeting is one of the show's best moments, as the warmth and love is palpable.

Season 1: Joey and Miranda

Joey and Miranda had some emotional moments on the show. The two developed a very real connection through flirting, which was undone when Miranda went to see him after being screened. Miranda and Joy confessed to having genuine affection for each other, and their meeting ended with a kiss.

Their connection is as real in chat as it is in person. The two are not currently in a relationship, but have remained close friends since then. They proved to viewers that online friendships can last forever.

Season 2: Courtney, River, & Chloe

The self-proclaimed "Cardashians" trio of Courtney, River and Chloe form one of the most pivotal bonds of all time Formed on The Circle. While it wasn't designed for strategic purposes, it ended up having that effect, as all three made it to the finals, and they always supported each other no matter the situation.

River and Courtney are close in their own right, but having Chloe in the mix is ​​perfect. They understand each other's humor and are more loyal to each other than most other groups in the history of the series. This friendship is also part of what makes Chloe a season 2 fan favorite. However, Ruksana is truly a sister to him, as they are close and he looks to her for wise advice. Daniel also wanted to make sure she knew he had her back.

Season 3: Ruksana & Daniel

They compliment each other and their personalities are a great match. When Ruksana was sent home in an improper block, Daniel was crushed because she was his closest ally and he went home without her in the next knockout.

Surprisingly Kai didn't win season 4 because she was such a strong, popular contestant from start to finish. Even when a handful of contestants see her as a threat and try to eliminate her, she persists, even turning some of her enemies into friends. James, meanwhile, instantly connected with just about everyone.

Season 3: James & Kai

That's why if anyone had to beat Kay, it had to be James. They find common ground through background and family ties, while also relying on each other after Ruksana is sent home.

Similar to Kai, Alyssa feels she has a legitimate chance to win her season of The Circle because of the relationships she develops throughout the show. One of the bonds was with "Carol," who was actually played by John Franklin, who was playing his mother.

Season 4: Alyssa & Carol

When he asks her for sexual advice, they do (to John) through an awkward conversation. It helped them bond in a special way, and the two actually started a romance away from the show. Since their friendship didn't flirt on The Circle, it's proof that their relationship builds on their previous friendship Meeting.

Yuling plays smart throughout season 4, as she finds a way to form an alliance with several different people. Even though they were all unsuccessful, the one she held dearest proved to be the best, as she stood alongside Frank in the final, which he ultimately won.

Season 4: Frank & Yu Ling

During the anti-virus software ban, Frank chose to save Yuling, and the relationship between the two deepened. Both are free-spirited guys who just want to have a good time, which connects them in a way that's almost unmatched during their seasons.

Ed was one of the contestants added at the end of the season. While he and Sammie share a lot in college and tradition, Ed clearly takes a more flirtatious approach to his conversations with Sammie.


Season 1: Sammie and Ed

When Ed is blocked, instead of going to see Rebecca, whom he confidently believes to be Catfish, he goes to see Sammy, hoping to ask her out. Compared to many others, their friendship has no substance and is superficial. Sammie is also very clear on her part that she is not interested in any romance with Ed.

For example, how bad this friendship has become, most people probably don't even remember they are friends. Savannah and Terilisha made an instant impact as the show's first influencer couple, but their relationship quickly soured.

Season 2: Savannah & Terilisha

In a round of "Truth or Dare", Savannah calls Terilisha a gamer, and Terilisha calls Savannah untrustworthy after word of how they chose to stop someone from spreading throughout the apartment. Things quickly heat up, showing that they never had any trust.

After the success of "The Cardashians" in season 2, the trio known as "The Throuple" appears to have similar results. Alyssa, Bru and Yu Ling flirted as much as they should, they also had a good time and clearly liked each other.

Season 4: Alyssa, Bru & Yu Ling

Unfortunately, when it came time to support each other, things went badly. At the critical moment of the game, Bru and Yuling chose to save Alisa twice when they had the chance to save her, and the dejected Alisa was sent home.

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