The Best Fan Reactions to Lisa Rinna's RHOBH Exit

Fans reacted when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills icon Lisa Rinna finally confirmed she won't be holding diamonds in season 13.

This week, the Bravoverse was rocked by the news that Lisa Rinna won't be appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 13, and fans had their say. Whether fans hate Lisa, or simply hate her, there's no question that she's been instrumental in multiple storylines. The mother-of-two is grateful for her work on the series, but feels it's finally time to move on.

For eight seasons, Lisa has been dancing the hearts of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers. The soap opera actress was once a lovable character, and after she tried to reach out to Kim Richards, she was memorably thrown back at her by a blue rabbit. However, as the season wore on, Lisa developed a displeasure with RHOBH fans. This is because she often acts like a mean girl, especially after she seems to be bullying her one-time close friend Denise Richards. Last season, Lisa was at an all-time low following the death of her beloved mother, Lois Rinna. Even grief doesn't excuse Lisa's appalling behavior.

Lisa Gives Up Her 90210 Diamond

After Bravo confirms Lisa, RHOBH viewers take to the comment section will no longer appear on the show. Reactions have been mixed, ranging from "bye wig" to "meltdown". No matter which side the audience is on, it's hard to deny the fact that Lisa is the quintessential Beverly Hills housewife. There's no question that the franchise has changed in recent years. While the jury is still out on whether the turnaround was good or bad, Lisa still had an incredible eight seasons. She's funny, entertaining, and most of all, she's good TV.

Lisa Breaks Her Silence

When Lisa let the dust settle, presumably by relaxing with Harry Hamlin over some homemade bolognese, the actress finally spoke out in her own post. She simply wrote, "We had a good run," as she shared a selfie of herself sitting at the famous RHOBH dinner. Naturally, Erika Jayne posted a comment in support of her dear friend, calling her a "goat." The two remained as close as thieves over the years as Lisa stood firmly by Erica's legal matters. While Bravo's Lucy and Ethel may be disbanding for now, it's unclear what those two have in store. Lisa has neither confirmed nor denied whether she Let go by networking. However, it looks like she's trying to get out with a high.

Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hold due to emotionally difficult season 12. All the women, as well as the producers, felt they needed a respite rather than jumping back into filming right away. Lisa and Erika met up with Diana Jenkins on Instagram Live last week while she was on bed rest. It's worth noting that they're real friends, something Lisa evaded when asked about her stance on the show. Now that audiences know she won't be returning, many are anticipating what her next adventure will be, while others hope the door doesn't slam on her way out.

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