The 10 Worst Star Wars: Andorra Characters, Ranked

Andor is about the struggle of ordinary people against tyranny and redefines what it means to be a badass in the Star Wars universe.

Andor focuses on ordinary people on the fringes of the Skywalker saga, giving the Star Wars franchise some of the most badass characters. Reluctant Rebel hero Cassian Andor and his allies battle Imperial spies, authorized prisoners, and everyone in between to spread a message of hope across the galaxy beneath the Empire.

Even Cassian's enemies, especially those of the Imperial Security Service, proved convincing in their own way. Legendary villains like Darth Vader have been replaced by methodical bureaucrats like Dedra Meero and Syril Karn, and Rebel heroes including Ferrix Workers As with the prisoners on Narkina 5, the worst villains have the most actions and have the most losses.

10/10 Karis Nemik

A young and idealistic member of Vel Sartha's Rebel spy group, Karis Nemik believes that good can triumph over evil, not because of its inherent altruism, but because certain egalitarian ideas will have enough dedication behind their proliferation win in the case.

Nemik knew he was not the most experienced member of Aldhani's mission, but he proved his worth and was one of the most crucial figures in the early stages of Cassian joining the Rebellion. Namic Knowing that words are as important as weapons in the long war, Cassian's spirit lives on when he puts his proclamations into action.

9/10 Bix Caleen

Bix Caleen, who runs a scrapyard in Ferrix's Free Trade Zone, manages to hide her Rebellion connection from the Empire, but her involvement with Cassian eventually leads to her secret being brought to public scrutiny. Eventually, she was captured and tortured by the ISB to reveal her contact details.

Bix not only remained loyal to Cassian until the very end, she was also steadfast in her defiance of the Empire, loyal to the Rebellion, even as she endured some of the most uniquely horrific ordeals the franchise has ever seen.

8/10 Vel Sartha

One of Andorra's most intelligent characters, Versalsa knows how to navigate the rebel spy network as easily as she does around her cousin, Senator Mon Mothma. She is the spearhead of Aldhani's mission and due to her quick mind and resourcefulness, she is one of the only survivors.

Vel sacrificed many of the creature comforts Mon still enjoys to secure himself joining the rebellion, bridging the gap between its gritty reality and it. Fanatical idealism. She has a lot to lose on both sides, but somehow thinks that if enough good people turn against it, the Empire will fall.

7/10 Maarva Andor

Cassian's adoptive mother, Maarva Andor, plays a pivotal role in the episode, not only because she saves Cassian from being possibly killed by the Republic Army, but also because she remains his steadfast beacon even as he begins a life of illegal operations . She reminds him that despite all the evil he's seen in the galaxy, goodness and altruism still have their place.

Unbeknownst to Cassian, Maarva has been secretly joining a sleeper group for some time, relaying information for the burgeoning rebellion and helping keep Ferrix in touch with what is to come. As she makes the ultimate sacrifice, Felix is ​​inspired by one of the most humble of characters, and she finally proves herself to be a true rebel hero.

6/10 Brasso

A burly friend of Grappler and Cassian, Brasso represents the common man; a man who can easily shut up and mind his own business, but finds himself increasingly powerless as the Empire spreads its tentacles towards Felix , and made his life more and more miserable. Instead, Brasso started working on small, subversive things that could undermine his overlord.

Brasso's defining moment comes at the end of the episode, where he leads the fight against the imperial occupying forces and shows what happens when enough people stand up. He didn't think of himself as anything special, but the moment he took decisive action, he became, without knowing it, a symbol of change.

5/10 Kino Loy

Kino Loy is a Star Wars character who doesn't fit the archetype, and thus stands out immediately with his arc. As the leader of Narkina 5, he serves as Cassian's gruff warden who just wants to keep his head down, do his time, and get out of prison when his sentence is done.

Once he realized that the Empire had no intention of keeping its word, he joined Cassian's prison rebellion, knowing that he alone could ignite a prisoner's escape. Despite not being able to swim, Chino led people to freedom from the Outback Prison and was a badass inspiration to everyone who knew him.

4/10 Dedra Meero

As a loyal member of the ISB, Dedra Meero believes that the ends always justify the means and does not Think of the Empire not as a fascist regime, but as a well-functioning system of governance. As an aspiring security officer, she faces discrimination from colleagues she considers inferior, yet remains committed to her goals.

As a villain, Deidra may not be the brightest Star Wars villain, but she makes the Empire's behind-the-scenes story fascinating. She doesn't hide a false modesty in conveying the organization's ruthlessness, and can be dangerous and unpredictable when cornered.

3/10 Mon Mothma

She may not find herself in the middle of a battle, but Mon Mothma can dodge different types of blaster bolts, usually the result of friendly fire. With the Imperial Senate, domestic and public sectors on a knife's edge, she must make increasingly disturbing decisions, the effects of which will ripple across the galaxy.

Not only was she not given enough credit as the leader of the rebel coalition, but she was the politician and socialite in the public eye who received the most scrutiny. One mistake, not only the power and position plummeted, but also powerless to help To any of her colleagues in the rebellion.

2/10 Luthen Rael

One of the best original Disney characters to enter the franchise in recent years, Rosenrell perfectly embodies the uncomfortable game of shadows one must play in order to defeat an elaborate enemy like the Empire. Running an antique shop catering to the upper echelons of the Empire by day and a rebel sleeper squad by night, he must be constantly torn between worlds.

His, "What do you know about sacrifice?" speech is both inspiring and heartbreaking, as Luthen is aware of his actions, which were not recognized by design and which do not bring him any credit or sympathy with anyone Build intimacy.

1/10 Cassian Andor

From the beginning, Cassian Andor spends his time jumping from one fire to another and being part of increasingly dangerous situations that require his recuperating abilities. Despite his calm and cautious exterior, his mind is always on the lookout for the next opportunity, either for a big score or a big escape. Cassian operates by a rough and dirty set of moral codes that have kept him alive, but as he becomes involved in the early days of the Rebellion, those moral codes change.

Spectacularly tested by fire, including The Aldhani mission and imprisonment on Narkina 5, Cassian transforms from someone who only cares about himself to someone who cares about a galaxy full of citizens under strict Imperial rule. Cassian does what few are willing to do, even though he's as scared as they are, and as such, he's the most badass of all the Andor characters.

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