The 10 Weirdest Calvin and Hobbes Cartoons of All Time

Calvin and Hobbes is known for their bizarre adventures, but these 10 comic strips are some of the weirdest in this beloved series.

Even 27 years after creator Bill Watterson ended his comic, Calvin and Hobbes is still beloved by millions of fans. Even though the strip only ran for 10 years, its influence on pop culture was still huge. While much of the love comes from the heartwarming nature of Calvin and Hobbes, some readers enjoy the weirdness of these comics.

Oddities were a common part of Calvin and Hobbes. Both Calvin and Hobbes search for answers in their adventures, and Calvin's precocious daydreams have him imagining himself in many bizarre situations. Likewise, Watson's quirky imagination takes his often breathtaking artwork to unexpected places, especially in the Sunday strip.

Vampire Sorority Babes

Early in The Strip, readers felt that Calvin wanted to watch movies that were too mature for him, leading some to try to watch them. But this comic strip showcases one of his earliest and strangest plans.

When Calvin and Hobbes decided to see Vampire Sorority Babes, a film that was decidedly not suitable for children, Calvin came up with a plan, which was staged in the final panel: pretending to be an 18-year-old by standing on everyone else's Shoulder. It's hard to figure out whether Calvin or Hobbes is more important in Calvin's mind, but the result is still surprisingly funny, as Calvin tries to convince the obviously unhappy conductor that the man in front of her with a stuffed tiger head is really legit .

Clothes Army

Having inanimate objects attack Calvin is an amusing gag throughout the comic's run. However, this particular incident doesn't involve trying to eat Calvin. In this strip, Calvin, while dressing for school, is attacked by a horde of clothes that stick to him and make him look ridiculous.

The weirdness of this thing stems from how stupid the situation is, especially since the clothes are too much for Calvin to get over. However, seeing how crazy Calvin looked and how he reacted when his mom asked him about it, it wasn't enough not to let out a laugh.

Jumping Out Of His Skin

Calvin and Hobbes were no strangers to the dark imagery that led to some of the bleakest comics. While the strip isn't all that bleak, it sure is weird. Borrowing the phrase "jump out of your skin," Calvin decided Do it: Get out of his skin.

After doing so, he decides to go to his mother, trying to scare her out of her wits. It's a really weird picture indeed, especially seeing Calvin as a skeleton, walking away from what's left of his skin. It's also weird to imagine Mom's reaction, considering she'll undoubtedly only see Calvin in normal form, not his imaginary skeleton.

Song Sparrow

Sometimes the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips are almost entirely Calvin's imagination, leading to extremely bizarre comic strips in which he sees himself as various animals or monsters. This strip is certainly one of the strangest of the strips. In this one, Calvin sees himself as a songbird who starts singing without warning.

This of course resulted in his being kicked out of the house. The results are obvious, but the strip itself is definitely weird. Calvin rarely sees himself with birds, especially weak ones like sparrows. Still, it's an oddity that many fans probably don't even remember.

Snowman House Of Horror

Calvin's snowman runs funny Gag during the run of the whole strip. A lot of times they're downright weird, from giant aliens to crazy mutant killer monster snow thugs. However, this strip takes that weirdness to a whole new level.

Instead of a weird yeti scene, the reader sees Calvin's "Yeti Horror House", in which he inflicts a gruesome punishment on multiple snowmen. Calvin is no stranger to excruciating, destructive ways to put his Yeti through painful, destructive ways, but there's usually only one way in the comics. The fact that this man had five of them subjected to a horrific punishment really adds to the weirdness of the whole situation immensely.


Some of the most interesting Calvin and Hobbes strips are probably those that underwent a major change in artistic style, such as this one from 1990, painted in the Neo-Cubist style. After a quarrel with his father that was clearly not Calvinistic, he began to see "the two sides of everything."

It's rare to see a clip where the art style changes so drastically, so it might be weird to see a clip like this where everything is different. But Calvin's imagination is really strange, the way he decides to see things this way is a fun and creative way to fit Calvin's personality and his past interactions with his father.

Stomach Microbes

Calvin loves all things vulgar and disgusting, except eating the mysterious green slop his family seems to have for dinner. This results in weird bands like this one.

In this comic strip, Calvin's "stomach microbe" tries to process the disgusting food he ate for dinner, and it explodes, explaining Calvin's hiccups. Given the content, this is certainly an oddball, perhaps even offensive. But then again, this gives the reader a chance to experience just how bad the green sludge that often appears on the menu really is.

Singing Dinner

Everyone loves a good meal and a song, but seeing a dinner suddenly come alive and spout Shakespeare isn't on anyone's mind - except Calvin, it seems.

During one of these horrific meals, Calvin's green poo suddenly comes to life, reciting Shakespeare before singing, convincing Calvin to finish the meal quickly and make him stop. Readers have seen Calvin try various methods to avoid eating This meal was just one of the few times he was really convinced. But the imaginary factor that made him eat the paste whole was just too weird. Hilarious, sure, but still very weird.

Puppet Mom

There is some very interesting Calvin and Hobbes comic strip about parenting, and while the comic doesn't give parenting advice, it does show Calvin's mom in an odd way. In the dream, Calvin finds a new door in his house, only to have a puppet version of his mom appear, which leads him to realize he's been held captive by aliens and subjected to experiments.

Calvin was captured by aliens, but readers have never seen anything like this. Seeing Mom as a sock puppet worn by evil aliens is not only weird, but kind of creepy. Fortunately, it was just a dream.

Deer Hunters

Calvin and Hobbes can effortlessly make a statement about things like the setting and the state of the world during its run, but this short takes that concept and makes the delivery very, very strange. In a statement about overpopulation, Calvin created a story for the class that showed humans hunting deer.

depressed The way his parents look in the final panel is enough to show off how depressed and weird the whole comic strip is. Sure, there's some violence in Calvin and Hobbes, mostly involving Calvin's various characters, but seeing violence like this, where a real person gets shot, certainly seems in a strip that's so popular out of place.

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