The 10 Best Shows Like Fortune

For fans of the show Riches who are looking for something new to watch and tickle their itch, there are plenty of great similar options out there.

Prime Video series Riches is about how family, money and dynasty intertwine. In particular, it shows how money can tear families apart, and many viewers will no doubt enjoy its soapy aesthetic and storyline.

Indeed, this seems to be a golden age for series focusing on business empires, and the way ego usually gets in the way of making money in business. What's more, many similar series also examine the fraught dynamics that exist within powerful families.

Succession (2018–present)

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In its first few seasons, Succession has proven itself to be one of the best series on HBO. It's a high-profile soap opera about various members of the Roy family trying to succeed the patriarch Logan, showing just how greedy and corrupt the rich and powerful can often be.

Like Fortune, it gives viewers a fascinating and sometimes disturbing insight into the workings of a powerful family. And, as is often the case with this series, the secrets and schemes the kids are involved in can destroy them as much as their enemies.

Greenleaf (2016–20)

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one of the keys Riches' theme is the patriarch's unwavering belief in supporting black businesses. Likewise, Greenleaf focuses on a black megachurch, and the various family members involved in its operation.

Greenleaf, like Riches, focuses on the high-octane drama of the various members of the Greenleaf family. Unsurprisingly, given its soap opera tone, there are many sinister secrets and scandals always waiting to explode in the open, and it's always hard to tell what bizarre events will happen next.

Empire (2015–20)

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In many ways, Empire is like Riches, except for the music industry. In both cases, the plot centers on a powerful family patriarch, in the case of Empire, Lucious Lyon, who is a King Lear type character as he tries to determine which of his children will take over his business empire .

It had a very active cast and remains one of Taraji P. Henson's best roles to this day. While its characters' antics and storylines sometimes border on the absurd or unbelievable, it's still a very watchable family drama.

Queen Sugar (2016–22)

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Although the series focuses on various businesses Long a staple of American television, many series in recent years have interwoven this narrative focus with family drama. For example, Queen Sugar follows several siblings as they not only deal with the death of their father, but also decide what will happen to his sugar cane farm.

However, like Riches, Queen Sugar explicitly addresses race through its storyline. As a result, the series has a rich emotional and historical authenticity that makes it stand out from other similarly themed series.

The Righteous Gemstones (2019–present)

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In no time, The Justice Stone is proving itself to be one of HBO's best comedies. Since it focuses on a family of televangelists and their various family squabbles, it shares many similarities with the Riches.

More importantly, it's also a comedy that makes the most of its talented cast. In it, starring John Goodman and Danny McBride, their performances are both bombastic and surprisingly in keeping with the characters they play. Gems of Justice wears its absurdity on its sleeve, which is exactly what makes it so fun to watch.

Promised Land (2022)

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Although it only lasted one season, there are There's still a lot to come in the Promised Land for Riches fans to enjoy. Once again, the series focuses on a wealthy patriarch who must decide who to leave his fortune (and his lucrative wine business) to.

Granted, the series has its fair share of subplots, the most interesting of which is actually dealing with undocumented immigrants and their employment on the vineyard. Like the best series of its kind, it manages to use the conventions of family melodrama to explore larger issues that permeate American culture and society.

The Kings Of Napa (2022)

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Like the Promised Land, Kings of Napa centers on the vineyard and his father's offspring, although the father has actually passed away, with a slight twist. As such, his legacy has passed to his three children, who, like the protagonists in Riches, must decide how to keep the business afloat.

Not surprisingly, there are many twists and soap opera plots, most of which come quickly. However, that's what makes a series like this so much fun to watch, and it also manages to deal with more serious issues, especially those surrounding Blake's problems and pursuits American dream.

Nashville (2012–18)

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Nashville is another of those series that, like Riches, involves people trying to make it big. As its title suggests, it focuses on those trying to make it in the country music world, and the show does so because of its ability to pair strong TV storytelling with catchy tunes and great performances. combined.

Over the course of six seasons, it gave viewers a chance to get to know the characters. Plus, each season has a thrust that keeps viewers interested from start to finish.

Dynasty (2017–22)

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The original Dynasty became one of the most famous soap operas of all time, and while few recent episodes have reached such lofty heights, it remains entertaining television. Like wealth, it's all about the dynamic dynamics in the home lives of the rich and powerful.

Also, there is some guilty pleasure in the fun that the series offers. It takes the original's soap-opera plot, full of sleight of hand and slander, and gives them that much-loved 21st-century sheen. What's more, it has a huge cast of characters that never fails to keep the audience captivated and engaged.

Queens (2021–22)

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Queens, Like the Riches, it's focused on black business, but in this case it's a pop group that's decided to get back together after a long estrangement. While it doesn't shy away from melodrama, it also touches on more serious issues, including sex, friendship and loyalty.

However, throughout the series, the core of the show is the bond between the women of the group. No matter how difficult they are with each other, they always manage to find a way to get back together.

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