Spotify Playlists in a Bottle: How to Make a Musical Time Capsule for 2024

Thanks to a new Spotify feature, you can surprise yourself with a time capsule playlist that you won't be able to access until next year.

Spotify has an interesting new feature that lets fans of the music platform create a collection of songs they can enjoy in the future, delivering a message in a bottle. Much like previous Spotify-exclusive playlist generators, users can pick songs based on a particular mood or theme. The only difference is that they'll have to wait a few months to actually hear the tracks they've curated.

To try Spotify's Playlist in a Bottle, visit this link on a mobile device, preferably one you already use regularly and are logged into the Spotify app. Once the link launches the Spotify app on the corresponding page, tap "Start". Next, choose one of six virtual containers to house the time capsule playlist: "A Real Bottle," "That Tiny Pocket in Your Jeans," "Gumball Machine," "Lunch Box," "Teddy Bear" Or "Little Acorn". Click "Next" and then answer a series of auto-generated prompts - click the Random button to automatically fill in any answer to the questionnaire, or start typing an answer and choose one of the resulting tracks.

Fill Your ‘Playlist In A Bottle’ With Your Faves And This Year’s Gems

Playlist creators need to answer at least three questions and can Click "New Question" to answer a different question. The query allows people to put a wide range of music choices into various repertoires - they are encouraged to predict which songs will become future hits or achieve classic status in the next year or so, and choose one that reminds them of their special Tune someone, and the song they want to add to their production soundtrack. Of course, there's also the question of getting people to pay homage to a guilty pleasure song they're not ready to openly admit to liking, making sure Time Capsule has at least one song for any type of mood.

Once you are satisfied with the number of responses entered, click "I'm done". It's important to note that Spotify users can only create one playlist at a time. To maximize the functionality, click "Add Song" on the summary page and try to answer all 11 available questions. Finally, hit "Lock" to finalize future playlists.

Playlists in newly created bottles will be inaccessible for a full year, which should be enough to bury the player's existence A compilation of songs tucked away in some cobweb corner of the creator's brain. In the meantime, users can share on their social media a graphics card with the names of the artists in the portfolio, as well as images of selected playlist "containers." When the music time capsule is “unsealed” 365 days from its original creation, the songs inside should feel like brand new—unless they’ve all been in heavy rotation lately and at last—the annual Spotify Wrapped playlist.

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