Spider-Man's MCU Future Already Has a Perfect Green Goblin Story

Peter Parker met the Green Goblin in Spider-Man: Homeless, but their story is far from over in the MCU.

Thanks to the events of the groundbreaking multiverse film Spider-Man: Homeless, the MCU's highly anticipated Spider-Man 4 has already established its perfect Green Goblin story. While Sony and Marvel Studios have been tight-lipped about the as-yet-untitled Spider-Man sequel, it's been confirmed that the movie will kick off a new trilogy, following Peter Parker's web-throwing alter ego, and defining his future in the comics. position in the film universe. Despite the teasing of introducing Venom as the main villain for the next film, No Way Out proves that few villains can match the terror of Norman Osborn's Green Goblin.

Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin was Spider-Man's first live-action villain, appearing in Sam Raimi's 2002 classic Spider-Man film. Nearly two decades later, when Dafoe's character moved from the Raimiverse to Earth-616, he returned to his role in Nowhere to Return. There, he wreaks havoc in Peter Parker's life, killing Aunt May and triggering events that cause the entire world's memory of Parker to be erased forever. It's clear that Earth-616's Peter hates Norman Osborn more than any other villain he's ever encountered, even nearly killing him with his own glider. This feud is proof that the MCU's Spider-Man needs his own version of the Green Goblin.

Norman Osborn Can Exist In The MCU's Future (Despite No Way Home)

Despite the "homeless" incident, the MCU can still have its own Norman Osborn. After appearing on Earth-616, Osborn of Dafoe discovers that his company, Oscorp, does not exist in this reality, apparently unable to find a variant of himself or his son. However, the mere lack of Oscorp as a corporation in the MCU won't stop the franchise from introducing its own version of Norman Osborn in future films. Norman never confirmed his absence on Earth-616, only that he couldn't find Oscorp. In fact, Norman Osborn may already be active in the MCU.

Although Willem Dafoe is beloved as Norman Osborn, the MCU's Spider-Man needed his own Green Goblin, and this time he has a completely different face. Osborn's comic book counterpart has been involved in a great deal of covert operations in addition to his own personal business, making it possible that his MCU variant has been active without making a major impression on the public level, which explains why Norman couldn't be in " Finding Yourself in Nowhere." In fact, Norman Osborn's Earth-616 variant can Still has a big role to play in the future of the MCU's Spider-Man, especially as his next trilogy gets closer to becoming a reality.

How Spider-Man's Previous Experience With The Green Goblin Would Affect His New Trilogy

In the climactic third act of "Homeless", the Goblin once again takes control of Norman Osborn's mind, kills Aunt May in front of Peter, and leads the superheroes to a near-miss in the final battle. Kill him. Peter's previous experience with the Goblin variant could create an interesting dynamic with Norman's Earth-616 version. Already aware of his supervillain tendencies, Peter would undoubtedly mistrust Norman when they first met, treating him like a goblin long before he donned his iconic mask and glider. As such, Peter faces the disturbing moral ramifications of battling supervillains before he's even created.

It is in this moral difference that the Green Goblin is perfect as Spider-Man's nemesis in the MCU. Fearing what Norman Osborn might become, Peter Parker may inadvertently create his own worst enemy, sparking the events that lead to the Green Goblin due to his hatred for Dafoe's version. features. As a result, Peter is indirectly blamed for all the lives the Goblin took and the chaos that ensued, adding a chilling element to his notions of power and responsibility, as well as a new one for Spider-Man 4 . Layers of dark irony.

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