Sister's Wife: Janelle Brown's Top Social Media Posts of 2022

As another year draws to a close, The Wife fans are taking a look back at Cody Brown's wife Janelle Brown's best social media posts from 2022.

Janelle Brown has had a full year on "Sister Wives," and the mother-of-six posted some memorable photos in 2022. Janelle has been struggling with her marriage to Kody Brown, especially after her best friend and sister-wife Christine Brown filed for divorce. As the year draws to a close, Janelle is very much looking forward to putting the ordeal behind her.

As fans of Sister Wives know, Janelle has always been the voice of reason in the group. For years, she kept Cody's ambitions from getting out of hand. But this year took its toll on Janelle as she finally found her voice to tell her husband that she was tired of waiting and wanted a home of her own. While Cody seemed to let her down, once she realized that she too could thrive away from the patriarch, other parts of her life began to improve.

Janelle Reconnects With Her Sister

Earlier in the year, Janelle revealed to fans of The Wives that she had won a trip to Lisbon, Portugal, and decided to take her sister along for the ride. Both women had a laugh as they toured the city and went on several exciting adventures. this holiday marks This is Janelle's first international trip since 1987, as she has focused on work since marrying Kody.

Janelle Gets Quality Time With Kids

In the spring before the heat hits in Flagstaff, Arizona, Janelle shared a family photo of her and her children hiking the Tonto Natural Bridge. She stands with her daughter Savanah Brown and sons Garrison and Gabe Brown. After a long quarantine due to COVID-19, everyone looks happy to be outside. Cody was not pictured, presumably at home with his favorite wife, Robin Brown.

Janelle Has Never Looked Happier

This fall, Janelle celebrated multiple family milestones as her son Gabe turned 21 and her eldest son Logan married his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Petty. The Sister Wives star also lost 100 pounds and has never looked or felt better. Viewers recently saw Janelle stand up to Kody, saying he didn't take her needs seriously enough. After seeing how he treats the remaining spouses, she leaves Cody ready to start a new chapter in her life. Janelle joins fans to capture key moments from her landmark year, showcasing her personal growth and much-needed family time.

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Sister Wives airs every Sunday at 10pm. EST on TLC.

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