RHOM's Lenny Hochstein accuses Lisa of 'abuse' during marriage

Lenny Hochstein claims he was "abused" by Real Housewives of Miami Lisa Hochstein during their 12-year marriage.

Lenny Hochstein is trying to defend his reputation during his public divorce from Lisa Hochstein, claiming he suffered "abuse" in his marriage to the Housewives of Miami star. Fans have been rooting for Lisa after her split from Lenny. The Miami plastic surgeon filed to annul their 12-year marriage in May. A few weeks earlier, Lisa had confronted Lenny's new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, at a nightclub. Lenny and Katharina have been going strong ever since he caught Lisa off guard with his divorce.

But in recent weeks, Lisa has been fanning romance rumors with tech entrepreneur Lenny, who claims she has been in touch for years. Reddit user RealityTV_Junkie18 took a screenshot of Lenny's lengthy comment to a RHOM fan who defended Lisa. According to the self-proclaimed "Boob God," Lisa treated Lenny "like her servant," he claimed. "She refused to help me and yelled at me every week, if not every day." Lenny went on to accuse Lisa of "partying" and criticizing him for "everything." He also claimed Lisa made him have to hang out with her friends, whom he didn't like and "embarrassed him" in public. Lenny thinks he "sacrificed" Over the years, he lived for his two children, "but eventually the abuse became too much."

RHOM's Lenny Hochstein Claims Lisa's Been 'Friendly' With Jody for Years

Lenny allegedly claimed the Bravo star "laughed" at him after telling Lisa how he felt. Lenny went on to hint that Lisa's rumored new boyfriend, Jody Glidden, is no stranger to the family. According to Lenny, the Miami tech entrepreneur has allegedly visited the Hochsteins' home and even "vacated" and maintained a "friendly" relationship with Lisa for the past seven years. "But I'm the bad guy?" he asked sarcastically. Lenny's rant came after photos showed Lisa and Jody leaving the Versace mansion hand in hand on New Year's Eve. Lisa and Jody have been fueling dating rumors in recent weeks.

Lenny's comments further imply that the dating rumors are true. Fans are still rooting for Lisa after her divorce. Lenny has come under fire for her behavior on the Bravo reality series. RHOM season 5 revealed what led him to file for divorce last year. A hot mic moment captures Lenny telling his friend he plans to leave Lisa for another woman. Fans now know that woman is Katharina, whom he has been happily dating since he left lisa.

Viewers have noticed red flags in Lisa and Lenny's marriage since RHOM season 3. Even after a nearly 10-year hiatus between seasons 3 and 4, Lenny showed signs of being unhappy in his marriage when he returned for season 4 of RHOM. So Bravo has been watching the end of Lisa's marriage. RHOM highlights how little Lisa suspects that Lenny has left and is dating someone else. That's why viewers are more rooting for her and bashing her ex-husband. Lenny can claim "abuse" all he wants, but the fans are on Lisa's side.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs every Thursday on Peacock.

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