RHOM Fans Call Lisa Hochstein's Rumored New Boyfriend an 'Upgrade'

Fans of The Real Housewives of Miami took note of how much time Lisa Hochstein has been with her rumored boyfriend and praised the "upgrade."

As the new year kicks off, Lisa Hawkstein's dating rumors fueled by tech entrepreneur Jodi Glidden, and Miami's Real Housewives fans are here to "upgrade." Lisa and Lenny Hochstein are locked in a tumultuous divorce after Lenny Hochstein filed to dissolve their marriage of 12 years and move on with his new girlfriend Katharina Mazepa. Lisa has been battling with Lenny over finances and living arrangements. Meanwhile, Lenny enjoys life with his new leading lady. But Lenny wasn't the only one bouncing back after the divorce.

Lisa is spotted having a date night with Miami tech entrepreneur Jody. The Real Housewives Zone shared a photo that shows Lisa and Jody leaving the Versace mansion holding hands on New Year's Eve. Lisa looked overjoyed watching the paparazzi snap a photo of the two of them. Fans and even one housewife applauded Lisa for moving on amid her messy breakup with Lenny. "Congratulations @LisaHochstein well done," Tamra Judge wrote. "He's better looking than Lenny," said one fan. "Upgrade," another added.

RHOM Season 5 Follows Lisa's Heartbreak Over Divorce

Many were happy to see Lisa showing joy with other people after all the heartbreak she went through while filming RHOM Season 5. new season is being revealed How dumbfounded Lisa was when Lenny told her he wanted out of their marriage. Before he revealed it, Lisa was under the impression that things were going well and Lenny had been losing weight to make her look better. But a hot mic moment captures Lenny telling his friend he plans to leave Lisa for another woman. When Lisa arrives for the RHOM Cast Tour, Lenny tells her he wants a divorce, which breaks her down.

The camera caught Lisa freaking out when she realized Lenny was trying to get his mother and their two children out of the house so he could invite his girlfriend over. Ahead of RHOM's season 5 premiere, the press reported Lisa and Lenny's divorce. Rumors swirled about a nightclub showdown that took place when Lisa faced off with Lenny and Katharina at the Miami Hot Soirée. Lenny confirmed their divorce over the next few weeks. He wanted Lisa to move out of their mansion on Star Island and move into a smaller house with their two children.

But RHOM season 5 shows Lisa getting advice from her co-stars, who encourage her not to leave the house. Elsewhere, Lisa It's for Lenny's spousal support and child support. Lisa claims Lenny tried to cut her off financially. But Lenny claims Lisa overspends on luxury purchases for herself. RHOM is revealing the preparations for the divorce. However, since filming wrapped, Lisa seems to have found new love. Fans are hoping Lisa and Jody will make their relationship official. Lisa deserves happiness and RHOM fans are rooting for her to find true love after such a heartbreaking divorce.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs every Thursday on Peacock.

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