RHOBH fans celebrate Lisa Rinna leaving the show

Fans shared their thoughts on Lisa Rinna's departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and many reacted positively to her announcement.

After eight years, Lisa Rinna will be exiting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and fans are reacting strongly to the news. She released a statement explaining that she would be leaving after season 5 of RHOBH in 2014. Lisa, one of the most famous Real Housewives cast members, even before she got the diamond, admitted it was the longest job of her entire career, adding that she is grateful for RHOBH and Bravo.

Fans gather at the social media virtual water cooler to process news of Lisa leaving RHOBH. By now, most viewers are celebrating her exit. The overwhelming acknowledgment is that Lisa's announcement will go down as a momentous moment in Bravo's history. As user realityshowho said in alllllyg's Reddit thread, "I'm so excited to be with you all on this important day in Bravo history."

RHOBH Fans Wonder What Will Happen With Erika Jayne

Throughout the Reddit thread, fans shared memes to express their love for Lisa Quit RHOBH's endorsement, like when Reddit user mackenziepaige shared a GIF of enemy and former RHOBH actor Kim Richards saying, "Bam!" to express joy. Lisa has used her soap opera skills several times on RHOBH, and her interactions with Kim illustrate this point. Baby Yoda X Exclaiming, "Oh, what a happy day!" While some wondered what would happen to Erika Jayne now, Janiece2006 said, "Can't wait to see how Erika fares without Rinna."

Lisa Rinna's Exit Comes After Intense RHOBH Season 12

This exit was a particularly drastic one at RHOBH A season later, Lisa played most of the dramatic roles in it. From getting into fights with fan favorite Kathy Hilton to being accused of being Kyle Richards' bad friend, many fans believe Lisa Rinna runs RHOBH. Her conflicts with the rest of the cast became so extreme that she told Andy Cohen at the last reunion that the producers could give her a pause. In fact, the phrase came up a lot in various threads on Reddit and in conversations with fans on Twitter discussing her exit.

Regardless of whether fans like the soap star or not, Lisa's abilities on RHOBH are a lightning rod for good reality show production. As noted by the popularity of the hashtag #lisarinna on Twitter, her exit shows that the drama she's writing has appealed to the Real Housewives audience. As fans wait to see what ripple effect Lisa's exit will have on RHOBH, they will continue to mark the day in shame.

How fans react remains to be seen Will change as the shock subsides. By then, maybe Lisa supporters will have more to say on social media, especially as fellow RHOBH cast members share their own thoughts. While there have been plenty of indications that Lisa won't be returning for season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this confirmation only raises more questions about the series' future.

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