Renfield continues the trend for the best Nicolas Cage of the 2020s

Renfield's first trailer gives us a glimpse of Nicolas Cage continuing his comeback momentum as the charismatic Count Dracula.

Nicolas Cage returns to the big screen in the 2020s, reprising his role as Count Dracula in Renfield. Universal Pictures' first trailer for Renfield offers only glimpses of Cage as the infamous vampire, rather than focusing on Nicholas Hoult as Dracula's long-suffering servant R. M. Renfield. Renfield is poised to bring the Dracula story into the modern day, with the plot detailing Renfield's desire to sever ties with his master and find a new life for himself.

Although Cage isn't featured in the Renfield trailer, Chris McKay's latest project is the next step in his stellar career revival. After seeing Cage's films generally mixed in the 2000s and 2010s, he subsequently rebuilt his reputation with roles in several low-budget independent films. Projects like Mandy, the Lovecraftian adventure Color Out of Space, and the cult horror film Willy's Wonderland saw Cage take on more serious, sometimes sinister roles. In the 2020s, Cage's career gained even more momentum with high-profile projects, the latest action-comedy "Renfield."

Nicolas Cage As Dracula In Renfield Looks Hilarious

Renfield will focus primarily on Hoult's R. M. Renfield, shifting attention from Count Dracula. However, that doesn't necessarily mean Cage won't have a major role in the upcoming film, which will be part of Universal's roster of monster movies. The film appears to satirize Renfield's slave dynamic with Dracula through a modern lens, with Holt describing their history as a "toxic relationship."

Despite his brief presence in the trailer, Cage steals the show with his charismatic charisma, which fits perfectly with Dracula's impetuous demeanor. Cage seems to have put his heart and soul into the role, proving he's coming back in full force after recent stellar roles in projects like Piggy and The Unbearable Weight of a Giant. A trailer made for his grand unveiling suggests they knew they had something special on their hands too.

How Renfield Continues The 2020s Nic Cage Revival

Although Cage's role in Renfield's trailer is small, he will likely be more prominent in the film itself, which will help get people talking about Cage again, and hopefully snap up the actor's filmmaking for future projects people. For those watching Nicolas Cage's return to the spotlight, it's been an incredibly entertaining ride, with both "Pigs" and "The Unbearable Weight" seeing the actor become famous for his incredible strength received critical acclaim Performance. Renfield looks set to keep the momentum going.

Cage will also appear in new smaller projects, most of which are already in post-production. Cage, for example, will star opposite Michael Cera and Julianne Nicholson in A24's upcoming fantasy scene produced by Midsummer director Ali Aster, continuing the upward trajectory of Cage's revival. Renfield is set to hit theaters on April 14, 2023, and will surely see Hoult and Cage reach new heights in their careers.

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