Quentin Tarantino Thinks 'The 1 Twist' Killed the Halloween Series

Quentin Tarantino is a fan of the original Halloween (and the Rob Zombie remake), but he hates the many sequels following one main series episode.

Quentin Tarantino agrees with Halloween fans about a key twist that ruined the franchise. The premise of the original Halloween was pretty simple, and its astonishing success not only created a franchise, but also provided a blueprint for the horror genre. Halloween 2022 marks the 13th installment in the series so far, though creator John Carpenter also felt there was no story to follow after the original. While Tarantino has yet to direct a thriller, he has an interesting connection to the Halloween franchise.

Early in his career, Miramax briefly considered him to write and direct Halloween 6. According to a 2019 interview with The Sound of Aftermath, his thoughts will include explaining who the mysterious man in black is in Halloween 5, before it happens that he and Michael Myers leave a trail of dead bodies along Route 66. Tarantino eventually walked away from the sequel, the resulting Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers had nothing to do with his pitch. In the same interview, Tarantino called Carpenter's Halloween "fantastic," but claimed to hate the sequel because of 1981's Halloween 2's pivotal twist. Strode is indeed Michael Myers' sister, which is why he's after her. It was a creative decision that writer and producer Carpenter would later lament, claiming it was the result of desperation as he struggled to sketch out a compelling story. Tarantino said of these "scary" sequels, "They're like fruit on a poisonous tree, because Laurie isn't Alien's brother." Followed Laurie's "The Shape" for unknown reasons.

Tarantino Is Right About Halloween 2's Sibling Twist

Of course, Tarantino's comments about the Halloween franchise are just echoing what those fans have been doing for decades. Michael is essentially the living embodiment of the Yokai, and as such, his motivations should remain a mystery. Halloween 2's bro reveal tried to incorporate The Empire Strikes Back-inspired logic into the saga, but all it did was spoil the scare. Blumhouse's Halloween Legacy sequel is known for forsaking family ties and once again turns Michael Myers/The Shape into an unknowable force of chaos.

Tarantino is also no stranger to hot shots, so it probably won't surprise his fans to learn that he likes Rob Zombie's Halloween movie - although that wasn't the case in the first place. he recalls the consequences of the sound The first time he watched "Zombie Halloween," he said, "I didn't like all the stuff he added, and then the last hour became a fast-forward remake of the first." Coming with a different aesthetic and approach, it's best seen as something very different from the 1978 film.

Tarantino Loved Rob Zombie's Halloween Films

Zombie's Halloween 2 is generally considered superior to his 2007 reboot, and Tarantino went on to praise the sequel, saying "...the second installment is really good because it's completely self-contained now." He also Praise for the performances of Danielle Harris and Brad Dourif. Reception for Rob Zombie's Halloween remains somewhat divided, presenting both a darker, nihilistic take on the series and unrelenting violence. If nothing else, they stand out from the crowd in the series, and easily surpass smaller outings like The Curse of Michael Myers or The Resurrection with a filmmaker with a clear vision.

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