Poppy Playtime Theory Explained: Is Experiment 1006 Really a Good Guy?

New revelations in Project: Playtime suggest that Poppy Playtime's mysterious Experiment 1006 may actually be a heroic entity rather than a villain.

As the world of Poppy Playtime progressed, some fans speculated that the mysterious Experiment 1006 might actually be a heroic figure. The 1006 is known as the prototype for Playtime Co.'s Weird Living toy line, which recently appeared in a new project: a Playtime spin-off. The behavior exhibited there raises new questions about his true goals and motivations.

Project: Playtime provides fans with a wealth of new information and knowledge about Playtime Co.'s many mysteries. An interesting Poppy Playtime ARG revealing secrets ahead of Project: Playtime was a key part of it, but the early access game now offers fresh insight into the personality of Experiment 1006 itself. During the tutorial section, a voice believed to be 1006 orders Huggy Wuggy to attack the human employees of Playtime Co., urging the toys to stop the creation of more live toys.

Project: Playtime Suggests Experiment 1006 Wants To Stop Playtime Co.

Strongly implies that the giant living toys created by Playtime Co. are made of living people, especially children. In fact, Experiment 1006 seems to be against this, thus giving many fans a new appreciation for him. For example, following a dark theory About the gas mask in the upcoming Chapter 3 of Poppy Playtime. MatPat of The Game Theorists on YouTube recently posted a new theory about 1006. This new video clarifies that 1006, who was previously thought to be the main villain of Poppy Playtime, will actually be revealed to be the protagonist of the story.

Poppy Playtime's Experiment 1006 Could Still Have A Secret Agenda

However, while 1006 appears to have a noble purpose in Project: Playtime, it's also worth considering that his other actions still leave open questions about his motivations. For example, if 1006 is really benevolent, why is the long-legged mom at the end of chapter 2 so terrified of him? Former Playtime Co. employee Marie Payne, Poppy Playtime villain's final line hints that the 1006 aims to incorporate other toys into itself. This could lead to him gaining his own unique ability that augments his abilities, but that doesn't match the protectiveness shown in Project: Playtime; the unseen toy likely has another goal.

Experiment 1006 is believed to be both highly intelligent and cooperative. So he might actually be looking to gain the loyalty of the toys in the project: his playtime own purpose. Perhaps, rather than simply seeking to end Playtime Co., he's actually interested in building an army for some unknown purpose. On the other hand, another recent claim by MatPat is that the true identity of the mysterious Poppy Playtime prototype is Playtime Co. founder Elliot Ludwig. If true, then this would complicate 1006's motivations as he could be betrayed by the Corporation to take a dark path.

Due to the paucity of information regarding Experiment 1006, it is currently impossible to fully discern his motives. The archetype could be a manipulative killer, or simply a tortured man trying to right a corporate crime. The obscurity of 1006 has led fans to propose other theories, many of which have since been disproved. Any new theories about 1006 are likely to be affected by future revelations. Examples of this include a theory that the player of Poppy Playtime is Experiment 1006 itself. In search of the truth, Poppy Playtime fans can only wait for Chapter 3 and the new revelations it will undoubtedly bring.

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