Nightwing sets DC's Ultimate War: Hell and the Fifth Dimension

Nightwing has fought a lot of criminals in his time protecting Gotham City and Bludhaven, but one war is too much for him.

Nightwing is a crime fighter who has been active in the DC universe, he has served in the Justice League and Titans, and he protects Gotham and Bludhaven from gang wars, but his latest comic reveals a possible Destroy all realistic wars.

The DC Universe features hundreds of reality-breaking villains, Perpetua, Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, The Empty Hand, and Nekron, the list is nearly endless. But one thing the heroes always have on their side is that the villains are always focused on fighting the heroes, often alone. These villains of earth-shattering strength don't usually fight each other. This means that the heroes, at best, only have to worry about bad guys forming powerful teams against the heroes. But readers have seen many times how messy and destructive it can be if two villains are fighting each other.

Readers see what kind of war can destroy worlds in Tom Taylor and Daniel Diniculo's Nightwing #98, where Nightwing has his own 5th dimensional imp, Nite-Mite. Nite-Mite shows up to help save the soul of Blockbuster's daughter Olivia. Turns out Blockbuster sold his The soul was given to the demon Neron, who, after many years, managed to get Neron to renegotiate and replace him with the soul of his child. Nightwing is DC's greatest hero, so fighting supernatural threats is no big deal for him. It ends up being a big deal, though, when Nightwing asks Nite-Mite, who has reality-bending abilities, why he doesn't save the kid himself. Ye Yi explained that as a five-dimensional imp, if he was directly involved in it, it might trigger a war between the underworld and the five-dimensional, which would be very unfavorable.

A War Between Fifth Dimension And The Underworld Would End Reality

When Neron was unleashed in the DC Universe, it was an absolute disaster, showing just how dangerous the Underworld actually is. However, in year 19 of Brian Buccellato and Mike S. Miller's Injustice Among Us: Year Three, it has been shown perfectly how devastating the war between the Underworld and the fifth dimension will be, Another fifth-dimensional imp, Mr. Mxyzptlk, confronts Trigon. Mxyzptlk has as much reality-bending power as any fifth-dimensional imp, and Trigon is one of the most powerful demons in the DC Universe. Their battle nearly threatened to tear reality apart, only to be resolved when they were both banished to the void. Their fights are so chaotic that they start distorting reality to the point that all psychics lose their powers and non-psychics start losing their physical form, and it's just the two of them fighting, an all out war between the two sides would absolutely destroy the universe , if not the multiverse.

The DC Universe has seen many different creature invasions, DC heroes fight back with armies from space, New Gods and the Dark Multiverse, but if the Underworld and the 5th Dimension go to war, it will lead to a war that even Nightwing can't prevent the fight.

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