Netflix can't cancel a show before season 3, can it?

Not sure if Netflix's One Piece won't be canceled at some point, but it would be wrong to do so before a potential season 3.

There's no way of knowing how long Netflix's One Piece will last, but at least canceling the show before a potential season 3 would be a mistake. When it comes to television, there's not always an obvious reason why a show is canceled. Some shows like Young Justice could be canceled if their toys and other merchandise don't sell, and even if a streaming series gets good reviews, it can still be canceled for failing to reach a certain view threshold within a certain period, Some of this is evident in the cancellation of Netflix series 1899 in 2022.

TV shows are never really safe to cancel, including Netflix's One Piece. The size of the One Piece franchise itself doesn't automatically help the live-action series, and with the failures of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop and Resident Evil, the idea of ​​a live-action adaptation of a Japanese media property in particular looks unlikely to succeed right now. It's not out of the question that Netflix would cancel the One Piece adaptation, but doing so before it reaches a potential season would be wrong for a variety of reasons 3.

Live-Action One Piece Won’t Hit Its Stride In Season 1

The biggest reason Netflix shouldn't immediately cancel the live-action One Piece series is that the show won't hit its stride until after Season 1. Season 1 will adapt One Piece's East Blue saga, and while there's nothing particularly bad about the East Blue saga, it's one of the weaker parts of the series so far. Despite its standout moments, there were inconsistencies in tone and world-building, and the story and combat weren't quite up to the standard the series has come to be known for.

All of this is why Netflix's One Piece needs to end on season 1. It's reasonable to expect that One Piece season 2 will cover the baroque saga, which is when the series started to get really great, with its combat, worldbuilding and overall writing, and a potential season 3 will take that a step further by adapting Skypiea and possibly even Water 7 Solidify this. The One Piece manga is a perfect example of a story that takes a while to become great, so the live-action would be a shame to cancel the series before reaching that point.

Netflix’s One Piece Is Taking A Massive Risk (For The Right Reason)

Netflix's One Piece is Adapting the East Blue saga for season 1 alone was a big risk, but doing so for all the right reasons. Since One Piece didn't really hit its stride until the Baroque Works saga, it's easy for the live-action series to distill the Donglan saga or skip it for relatively better content as quickly as possible. Doing so would be wrong, however, as not only would it rob people of the many great moments one gets from the series, but it would also make the live-action One Piece series feel utterly hollow.

While Tokai Tale may not reach the heights of the other storylines, it still establishes the foundation of the story, characters, and world that encompasses it all, so there is no benefit in skipping it. Jumping straight into a baroque saga without doing anything would take away the impact of its story, so Netflix's One Piece Begins with the East Blue saga is the show's best bet. It's still a risky move, but hopefully the show will warrant a season 2 Renew so it can get the content that really makes Eiichiro Oda's One Piece great.

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