Ms. Marvel Star Reacts to Harry Styles Joining the MCU

Iman Vellani, known for his outspoken views on the MCU, has weighed in on whether audiences can expect Harry Styles to return to the franchise.

Ms. Marvel star Iman Villani (known as a die-hard fan of the comic book stories) talked about whether audiences can expect Harry Styles to return to the MCU. The former One Direction frontman makes his Eternals credits debut in 2021 as Eros, accompanied by Seth Rogen as Pip the Troll. In the comics, Eros, also known as Star Fox, has the ability to control the emotions of others and is the biological brother of the super villain Thanos.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Villani was uncharacteristically unsure when asked to speculate on the possibility of Styles returning to the team. The 20-year-old star, who debuted as Kamala Khan in the 2022 Disney+ original series, is known for being outspoken about the MCU's creative decisions. However, on the topic of Styles' superhero comeback, her breakout role doesn't seem to have given her any insight into Kevin Feige's plans just yet.

"I feel so weird about it. I don't know. It's strange. I really wonder if they're going to go ahead and do something with his character or if they just teased it for the sake of it. Because I know Chloe Zhao is a big Harry Styles fan...but then you have all of the Harry Styles fandom in the MCU fandom. How chaotic would that be?!"

How Eros Could Fit Into The Future MCU Story

Despite his very short screen time, Styles' appearance in the Eternals at the end of the credits was of great interest, not only because of his celebrity status, but also because of how this scene ensured that Thanos was named and A clear indication of their brotherhood. Although Eros doesn't appear to bear any physical resemblance to the late Mad Titan, and his biological facts suggest that his power levels are at least on par with what viewers have seen of Thanos' abilities in Infinity War and Endgame. Considering Eros is a member of both the Avengers and the Dark Guardian in the comics, this makes him a potential wild card for the Kang franchise. Also, given Kang the Conqueror's frequent use of time travel, Eros may find himself face-to-face with his genocidal brother in some alternate timeline manipulated by Kang.

A Complete History of Iman Vellani's MCU Opinions

Prior to her show's production, Villani sent a feedback list of all previous MCU films to Ms. Marvel comic book co-writer Sana Amanat. Villani also previously disputed Doctor Strange's claim in the Multiverse of Madness that the series' main universe was designated "Earth-616," as 616 has long been the accepted name for the Marvel Comics Universe. Vellani contends that the MCU (mostly) takes place in the Earth-199999 universe. Vellani also pokes fun at MCU behind-the-scenes tidbits, like promising Marvel boss Feige her Compared to the notoriously flippant Tom Holland, he's been tight-lipped about potential spoilers.

Vellani has not only been a loud and proud Marvel superfan since she was discovered (as the first Muslim-American superhero fresh out of high school). She also readily admits that she's aware of comment bombing campaigns from hateful minorities, not just for Ms. Marvel but other projects like She-Hulk, but those efforts don't bother her. As the future of the MCU looks more diverse with each new entry, most notably the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels (starring Brie Larson, Villani, and Teyonna Paris), Vera Ni's attitude will certainly make her a role model for Marvel fans of all backgrounds.

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