Misha Collins' double-sided prosthetic teased in Gotham Knights BTS video

Misha Collins teased his Gotham Knights villain Two-Face's look and played a behind-the-scenes video showing how future prosthetics are being prepared.

A behind-the-scenes look at Gotham Knights teases Mischa Collins' transformation into the evil Two-Face. Gotham Knights is a new CW show that follows the aftermath of Batman's (David Alexander Miller) murder and its impact on the lives of everyone in Gotham City, especially the Dark Knight's adopted son. Gotham Knights faced sharp criticism after releasing the show's trailer shortly after announcing the cancellation of Batwoman's third season, but the show has once again stepped up its marketing efforts.

Collins, who has earned acclaim for his longtime role as Castiel in Supernatural, is incredibly excited about his upcoming role as Harvey Dent in Gotham Knights, thanks to years of being the relatively good-natured Castiel. after the difference. The actor posted a New Years update, showing off the makeup job that transformed him into a bruised villain with a half-burned face. Shortly before the clock struck midnight, Collins uploaded the video on his Twitter account, giving fans a chance to join in the excitement. Check out his transformation below:

Everything We Know About Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights will follow the adventures of Batman's adopted son, Turner Hayes (Oscar Morgan). after After Batman's death, Hayes was forced to work with a team that had been framed for Batman's murder as he sought to bring justice to Gotham City and clear the books of those wronged. Behind-the-scenes footage has already shown Batman's death, so all that's left is how the next generation will deal with the hero's loss and find out who actually committed the heinous deed.

The cast will be a group of lesser-known Batman characters who will use the opportunity to gain recognition on a larger stage. Navia Robinson will play Carrie Kelley, an alternate version of Robin; Fallon Smythe will play another Batman sidekick, Bluebird; and Tyler DiChiara will play Bluebird's brother, Cullen Row ; Olivia Rose Keegan will play the Joker's daughter. Anna Lore will be Cluemaster's daughter Stephanie Brown; Rahart Adams will play elite Lincoln March's son. The Gotham Knights trailer shows off Batman's death and gives a first look at these new young heroes.

In the comic books, Gotham Knights is a more ferocious version of the Bat-family, so this show may be harsher than most Batman derivatives. Considering they won't benefit from Batman's alliance with the Police Department, the team will need to be able to operate entirely on their own now that the Knights are framed for his murder. So many people are the children of the big villain, it is estimated that even their parents are unreliable. Gotham Knights has already been criticized for its lack of supersuits when it comes to the show's aesthetic, but Di Chiara said the show has more secrets to unravel. What Gotham Knights will look like remains to be seen, but once his Dent fully transforms into the evil Two-Face, Misha Collins will look very different.

Gotham Knights is scheduled for release in 2023.

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