Marvel's Timeless teases a brand new Spider-Man (in an epic costume)

In Marvel's new Timeless one-shot, Kang the Conqueror gets a glimpse into the future, teasing a mysterious Spider-Man and an epic new costume.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Marvel's Timeless (2022) #1

^ In a new Timeless one-shot from the latest Marvel Comics issue, Kang the Conqueror teases the upcoming Spider-Man with an exciting new costume. During his search for the inaccessible time period known as "The Missing Hour," Kang finds himself facing a new enemy named Myrdin and his Twilight Court. So this new Spider-Man was hinted at in the ongoing conflict between the time-traveling tyrant and this new team of heroes.

In Jed MacKay, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Patch Zircher and Salvador Larroca's new Timeless (2022) #1, Marvel Comics continues their new tradition with a second annual one-off in which Kang teases next year comic events and characters. Thus, Kang witnesses key events from the future in his quest to find the "missing moment," the first step toward the ultimate adventurer's prize. While Conqueror has seen major events like the Winter Soldier revolution, the X-Men treehouse burning, and Wolverine becoming Ghost Rider, one of the more interesting teases was an unknown Spider-Man in a new black and red costume. ^While don't know about the new Is the hero under the thread Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or someone else? Overall, a predominantly black suit with red highlights is an exciting new style. One possible theory could be that this is a new symbiote suit for Miles, though that's just based on the color scheme. The new Spider-Man costume could very well belong to one of the many different heroes in the Spider-Verse, and possibly even one of the various clones of Peter or Miles. Perhaps this is Ben Reilly's new look after his possible redemption from his current evil phase as Canyon?

Interestingly, the rest of this particular page has more Spider-Man teases as well. The slot machine bracelet with the words "777" is a reference to Mary Jane Watson, who recently appeared at Marvel's darknet event wearing the exact same device, which grants her a randomly chosen power every time she uses a new device. Also, the fiery goblin in the bottom corner is most likely Norman Osborn's (formerly Green Goblin) grandson Nomi.

Kang The Conqueror Teases A New Black Suit Spider-Man

Regardless, it will be very exciting to see who ends up donning this new Spider-Man mask in future Marvel comics. An all black suit with red eyes and logo is a bold and very capable look, There may be a great story behind its origin. Timeless (2022) #1 is out now from Marvel Comics.

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