Marvel's Forgotten Wolverine Is Deadlier Than Logan

James Logan Howlett is one of the deadliest X-Men characters in Marvel Comics history, but there's a forgotten "Wolverine" who's far more dangerous.

The version most familiar to Wolverine fans is easily one of the deadliest characters not just in the X-Men, but in the entirety of Marvel Comics history - though Marvel's forgotten "Wolverine" makes Logan look soft.

James "Logan" Howlett aka Wolverine is a mutant with highly animalistic senses, a healing factor, and retractable claws extending from his knuckles. Logan was born a mutant who seemed born to be a killer - though one group figured out a way to make him even more dangerous: Weapon X. Weapon X is a division of the Weapon Plus Program, dedicated to weaponizing mutants through brainwashing, brainwashing, conditioning, etc. However, Logan was a special case, as he proved to be a perfect fit for one of the program's experiments. Weapon X can use diamonds, so to multiply the program's further success with one of their soldiers, Weapon X scientists fused the unbreakable metal with Wolverine's bones - which included his six retractable paw. This makes the already deadly mutant an unstoppable killing machine, but even with this upgrade, Logan still can't hold a candle to Wolverine from the Age of Apocalypse timeline.

In X-Men Howard McGee and Ian Churchill's Chronicle #2, the Age of Apocalypse X-Men timeline has been weakened by the departure of Weapon X (Logan) and Chingrey. This development was monitored by Holocaust, Son of Apocalypse, who had a personal grudge against Magneto (leader of the X-Men in this world) for dismembering him beyond physical repair. With two of its strongest soldiers gone, Carnage decides now is the perfect time to attack the X-Men and take revenge. In this effort, Carnage hired an enhanced mutant named Wolverine to bring the X-Men to its knees—and he did so effortlessly.

Age of Apocalypse’s Wolverine has Power Logan Couldn’t Imagine

Wolverine in Age of Apocalypse is not referring to Logan's variant X weapon, but a completely different character, one that is deadlier than Logan. This Wolverine is a monstrous monster whose genetics have been manipulated by the Dark Beast - who in this timeline is one of Apocalypse's top scientists - to make him even more powerful. Whereas Logan has the healing factor and unbreakable bones, this Wolverine has impenetrable skin and is virtually invulnerable in combat - making the healing factor not only redundant, but completely unnecessary. Not only that, Wolverine also Featuring an upgraded version of Logan's signature weapon, Logan's claws look pathetic as he has curved blades attached to his wrists. In addition to enhanced versions of Logan's mutant abilities, Wolverine possesses the unique power of turning hordes of humans into rage-filled superhumans who obey his every command until they die from exhaustion.

Essentially, the Age of Apocalypse Wolverine has better bladed weapons, possesses Juggernaut-like super strength and invulnerability, and has the ability to create his own army of superhuman slaves out of random individuals. Despite his prodigious powers, the Wolverine only appeared in one issue of the comic, which was set in an alternate timeline of the main Marvel Universe, meaning he was all but forgotten. However, despite his short time in Marvel Comics, Wolverine in the Age of Apocalypse still proved to be more deadly than Logan.

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