Marvel Reveals Original X-Men Hero-Turned Villain's Evil Ending

The Beast's evil deeds are all under the guise of "protecting Krakoa," but in Timeless #1 (2022), Hank breaks the country's ground rules.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Timeless #1

The release of Timeless #1 - which focuses on Kang the Conqueror and his quest to find the "missing moment" - revealed that the X-Men's Beast may continue to descend into villainy even after its recent capture in X-Force.

Timeless #1 (2022) - created by Jed MacKay in collaboration with Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Patch Zircher and Salvador Larroca - is the second annual Timeless one-shot after 2021, possibly hinting at Marvel Comics' ongoing year Events. Both timeless one-shots focus on Kang the Conqueror and tell an isolated story focused on the time-traveling villain, while also offering important hints at potential Marvel Comics plots for the coming year. This Timeless focuses on Kang's journey to find the "missing moment," a moment in history that Kang cannot locate or experience, and promises a great "prize" for whoever finds it. While researching the next place to find the missing moment, Kang is attacked by the sorcerer Myrdin and his genetically modified Knights' Round Table. As Kang travels through time to escape these knights, readers get glimpses of several potential futures. one of the futures programs Beast is surrounded by Star Wars: Hank McCoy's clone army, suggesting Beast's newfound villainy is far from over.

There Is Apparently No Limit To Beast's Crimes

Known as a brilliant mutant inventor and strategic fighter, Hank McCoy was one of the original X-Men and Professor Xavier's first mutant student. However, during the Krakoan era, Beast turned into a truly evil fascist mad scientist who did real damage to mutants and Krakoa as a nation. While he was recently apprehended by X-Force teammates Sage and Domino in hopes of bringing justice to the evil mutant, if Kang's future timeline is to be believed, Hank will soon be creating an army of beastly clones, which is A true sin in the eyes of Krakoa's revived pact.

Hank pushes the boundaries of X-Force too far, committing genocide against entire peoples, opening a secret Guantanamo Bay-like prison in space, and murdering and enslaving Wolverine. Finally, after his teammates discovered his secret prison and the horrific atrocities he committed against aliens, humans, and mutants, Beast was captured in the X-Force and brought him before the Council of Quiet for trial. readers don't know what to expect yet Beast, but whether he'll be thrown in the pit seems doubtful, given the committee's soft spot for the original five X-Men. The Beast might argue that he "does this for the greater good of Krakoa".

Human cloning is a particularly thorny issue on Krakoa, where another notorious cloning scientist, Mister Sinister, uses cloning for nefarious purposes. The mutants' "religious" view of resurrection - instilled by the Five - now sees clones as separate entities deserving of their own resurrection, such as Honey Badger, En Sabah Nur, and Madelyne Pryor. This means that Beast's creation of an army that looks like Hank McCoy clones violates the basic rules of the resurrection protocol, as these versions of Beast's death would be considered real death to the citizens of Krakoan, proving that the Beast's continued fall from grace may Not so much more than that. Longtime fans of X-Men Beasts have been hoping that villain Hank on Krakoa could be redeemed, or maybe revealed as a villain in disguise like Dark Beast, but if Kang the Conqueror's vision of the future is to be believed, it would appear that Beast may never find the way back Be a real hero.

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