Magneto Gave Apocalypse's Forgotten Son A Deadly Upgrade

In the branching reality of the Age of Apocalypse, Ensabanur had a son who was just as bad as he was, and Magneto accidentally made him even worse.

While Magneto is one of the most famous X-Men characters in history, Apocalypse's Nemesis is definitely not. However, that doesn't mean the two don't occasionally meet in Marvel Comics, and when they did, Magneto accidentally gave Nemesis a deadly upgrade--which he did while trying to kill him.

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr aka Magneto, who became an evil mutant extremist after suffering the brutality of the Nazis at Auschwitz, fears the same will happen to mutants, as a second human is terrified of their presence. So Magneto chose to fight humanity before they hunted down the mutants, but the X-Men were determined to stop him at every turn. In the primary reality of Earth-616, the X-Men are the bane of Magneto's existence - which makes the fact that Magneto actually leads the X-Men against another mutant extremist in a branching timeline comically ironic mean. In the Age of Apocalypse timeline, Magneto formed the X-Men after Charles Xavier died at the hands of his time-travelling Sons Legion. In this reality, Apocalypse and his most trusted mutant followers - including his son who only exists in this timeline - effectively conquered the world in the name of mutant supremacy, and Bringing nothing but misery and misery into the lives of those who oppose them. However, after Magneto experienced unparalleled pain due to Nemesis' actions, he repaid him in extremely cruel ways.

In Howard Mackie and Terry Dodson's X-Men Chronicles #1, readers are introduced to the Magneto X-Men in the Age of Apocalypse timeline before Apocalypse actually conquers most of the world. In this installment, the X-Men take off on a mission to determine the fate of Earth, as Apocalypse is making a takeover move and the X-Men are the only ones who can stop him. While most of the team left their headquarters, Scarlet Witch and Rogue were left behind to look after the mutant children who also lived there - which is when the Nemesis struck. A surprise attack by Nemesis resulted in the death of Magneto's daughter Scarlet Witch - a tragic event that sparked Magneto's rage.

Magneto Accidentally Turned Nemesis into Holocaust

Although not shown on the panel, X-Men Chronicles #2 reveals Magneto hunting down Nemesis across the globe for what the villain did to Scarlet Witch, and when he captured him, Magneto showed no mercy treat Nemesis. Specific details are scant, but clear Magneto tortured Nemesis to the point of death, leaving little of his body. However, since Nemesis was the son of Apocalypse and thus possessed inner strength and the urge to survive, he persisted long enough for the Dark Beast to forge him a suit that not only kept Nemesis alive, but multiplied his The power. After this physical transformation, Nemesis changed his name to Carnage.

Nemesis is a mutant with energy absorption, super strength, flight, durability, and agility, as evidenced by his ability to kill Scarlet Witch, one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics. However, when Nemesis became Holocaust, his exo suit allowed him to add energy projection and invulnerability to his list of abilities. Nemesis is powerful, but Carnage is overwhelming - proving that Magneto gave Apocalypse's Forgotten Son a deadly upgrade.

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