Luke Skywalker's First Force Mentor Was Young Anakin (Really)

Star Wars Legends revealed that in the canon of the legends, Luke Skywalker's first experience with the Force came from Anakin Skywalker's childhood.

Luke Skywalker's most famous mentors in the Force are Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, but a Star Wars comic from the Legendary era reveals that Luke's first mentor was actually none other than him father of Anakin Skywalker.

As Star Wars fans know, both Anakin and his son Luke spent their formative years on Tatooine. They share a common dream of leaving the sandy planet and becoming pilots, and both have demonstrated excellent piloting skills. Of course, the Jedi Order stumbled across Anakin as a child and took him away to train with Obi-Wan Kenobi, while Luke stayed on Tatooine until he was a teenager. Anakin's half-brother Owen Lars raised Luke and refused to tell Luke anything about his father in the hope that Luke would be different, so Luke is still unaware of his genetic sensitivity to the Force .

One of the six stories in Star Wars Story #15, "Sandstorm", written by Jason Hall and illustrated by Sonny Lee and Randy Emberlin, tells the story of a young Luke Skywalker on Tatu Because of the story of the approaching sandstorm. His Uncle Owen limits him to the farm for a few days as punishment for asking too many questions about his father, but Luke sneaks out anyway. he caught up quickly In a sandstorm, he is greeted by visions of a young Anakin Skywalker. Anakin introduces himself as "Annie" and helps Luke to a cave. The two bonded over their desire to leave Tatooine, but when Anakin sensed they were about to be attacked, they had to leave the cave. Luke asks how Anakin knew about the attack, and Anakin says that sometimes he just feels things. They were attacked again, this time by the krayt dragon, and Anakin completely disappeared. Anakin's words about sensing things came back to Luke's mind, which made him trust his instincts and attack the dragon. Luke fell and the dragon disappeared.

Anakin Was the First to Make Luke Aware of the Force

This vision implies that the first person to actually guide Luke in the Force was his father's child himself, or at least someone who did, so the question now is how it happened in the first place. When meeting him for the first time, Qui-Gon called Anakin a conglomerate of the Force. The Assemblage Point is the place or person where the Force can flow most freely, and due to Anakin's high midiplasm count and extraordinary Force sensitivity, Qui-Gon believes The boy himself may be a divisive. Vergences can "store" Force-sensitive thoughts, so it's possible that Luke's vision of Anakin is an echo of Anakin's past. Alternatively, Tatooine itself could be the spotlight, which would explain why Anakin appeared as he did when he left Tatooine. It's also possible that Anakin's presence was simply due to the sheer power of the Skywalker series, as so many things in Star Wars end up being attributed to it.

In the story, Luke never realizes that the boy who helps him is his own father, and because it was published by Dark Horse Comics before Disney bought Star Wars, it is now designated as a non-canon saga. Whatever the reason for Anakin's presence, Luke's first Force vision gave Star Wars fans a lovely and bittersweet glimpse at what Luke Skywalker and his How your father might interact.

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